Customization For Fashion: Adam Goldenberg’s Innovative Touch

In this age where people are encouraged to be themselves, one of the best ways for people to be themselves is through fashion. This is where a wide variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories are being offered. This is made possible by Adam Goldenberg, who is very passionate about not only influence trends, but also give people the new and unique items that they enjoy. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg does the best he can to customize the experience for the individual that shops at one of his sites. One of the ways he does this is by offering a style quiz to every potential customer that visits the site of one of his brands.

Adam Goldenberg runs TechStyle which has expanded to different brands such as JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. There is a total of six different brands from the company. One of them is actually a personal stylist brand. This brand, known as P.S. is a very unique brand in that it does not require any subscription on Therefore, there is no need to skip any month. Instead, the customer is referred to a personal stylist who would pick out the clothes that the customer may like. Of course the customer has the final say in the clothes that she winds up with.

One good thing about P.S. is that it is like having a tailor. The customer on will have an easier time knowing what style suits her best. At the same time, she is given a lot of room to be creative and come up with her own outfits that will satisfy her. One of the best things about P.S. is that it shows the customer that she will look good in more outfits than she probably realizes. It enables them to expand their horizons in order to continue to impress themselves and others.

The way P.S. works is like having a personal fitting room. The stylist will pick out 5 to 8 items and send them to the customer. The customer tries on the items and decides on whether or not she wants them. If she wants the items, then she will pay for them. This makes for an experience that is very unique.


Dick & Betsy DeVos’ Astronomical Generosity & Giving

Dick and Betsy DeVos has contributed significantly to Republicans and school choice causes. Many of these donations attracted much attention and criticism, but the amount of donations for these causes don’t compared to their different donations amounting to approximately $139 million over their whole lifetimes.


In 2015, this couple gave $11.6 million to various charitable causes, according to their foundation website. Rich DeVos, Dick DeVos’ father, along with his four adult children donated $104 million in 2015 which landed them in the 24th place on Forbes ”

America’s Top Givers”. Dick and Betsy DeVos’s foundation donated more than $3 million to educational causes in 2015. Other than that, their foundation donated $357,000 to groups supporting education reform. After education, this couple’s main donations go towards Arts & Culture. They donated more than $2.4 million for Arts & Culture charitable giving. They believe that high quality arts management is detrimental for the globally diverse arts community’s future. Other than that, the rest of the donations are distributed accordingly: 13% or $1.5 million to leadership and development, 12% or $1.3 million to public policy, 5% or $618,000 to health and human services, and 4% or $488,250 to churches.


Dick DeVos’ Work History


Dick DeVos’ work history is just as amazing as his giving back. He worked in various executive positions for Amway, The Windquest Group, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. He is currently the president for The Windquest Group. From 1993 to 2002, he was the president of Amway, in which this company amounted in sales of $4.5 billion in his final fiscal year. Before that role, he was the vice president of that company. And in 1991, he was the CEO and president for Orlando Magic upon his family’s acquisition of this company. He held these roles for Orlando Magic for three years. In addition to these business ventures, he became a leader for a plethora of community initiatives, such as the launching of the Education Freedom fund which gave over 4,000 scholarships to Michigan’s children, serving on the State Board of Education, and serving as the co-chairman/ chairman for the regional health care improvements, just to name a few.


Ferry Deal Angers Bruce Levenson

The former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entrepreneurship LLC’s (AHBE) ownership has sued New Hampshire Insurance Company for contract breach. The breach involves the settlement of the former manager’s, Danny Ferry, claims. The current team led by entrepreneur Tony Ressler is not the initiator of the lawsuit.

The Dispute

The insurance is accused of bad faith and of breaching their contract. In the lawsuit, AHBE asserts that losses related to employment like wrongful termination were covered by the insurance. AHBE further submits that it had notified the insurance, AIG, that the claims made by Ferry were valid.

Hawks, in early June 2015, made a decision to buy out former manager Danny Ferry. The buyout amount was undisclosed. The buyout meant that the 3 year relationship they had was going to be terminated. A short while after the termination, reports that the Hawks was sold to the Tony Ressler led group.

Activated Policy

The lawsuit faults AIG for failing to acknowledge that the claim made by Danny triggered the policy. Although the present leadership has steered clear of this controversy, AHBE’s previous team is dismayed by AIG’s failure to participate in the claims talk with Ferry’s lawyer or to acknowledge that the cover exists.

AIG, according to the suit, has acted in bad faith in refusing to pay Ferry and hence this claim has been presented before the court for determination. Through legal counsel, AHBE has pointed out that the claim made by their clients is not difficult to see as it is crystal clear. AHBE is represented by James J. Leonard & Thornburg LLP.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman and father of three. He married to Karen. Bruce, the 67 years old man, once owned and managed a basketball team in the NBA. He is a generous philanthropist. Bruce studied law at the American University. He is affiliated to United Communications Group, Inc., American University, Tech Target Inc. and BIA Digital Patners II, L.P.

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Sunny Plumber Gets An Honorable Mention For Their Service Truck

PM Magazine, also known as Plumbing and Mechanical recently featured The Sunny Plumber‘s operational vehicle in a Truck of the Month column. The vehicle featured there is their Nissan NV 2500, one the premier service vehicles they use for transporting equipment and getting their servicemen on the scene at residential units. The Sunny Plumber’s president Ken Goodrich, who also happens to be the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning explained that the logos on the truck are meant to convey a positive demeanor for his technicians, and professional but friendly service to customers. He said he has a preference for these Nissan vehicles because of their reliable performance.

The Sunny Plumber is based in the Phoenix area and was originally named Rescue Rooter. They specialize in all kinds of plumbing work from fixing simple toilet and faucet leaks, to patching or replacing leaking pipes in the home. If there are problems with water flowing out of faucets or unfiltered mineral deposits coming out with them, The Sunny Plumber can find the source of the problem in the water supply lines and potentially solve the problem with trench-less repairs. According to, t hey can also find leaks in sewer lines and install a new system if necessary.

The Sunny Plumber is always on call ready to answer whenever problems happen, even if they happen in the middle of the night. The Sunny Plumber also serves commercial customers that need to keep their water running at peak performance for both employees and customers. Their technicians can also save customers physical stress by installing water heaters and filter systems. And if it wasn’t enough to show up during emergency visits, The Sunny Plumber also offers ongoing maintenance plans to check the plumbing for residential and commercial customers every year. The company has grown from being based in Phoenix, AZ to servicing Las Vegas, Tucson, and Corona, CA. Visit for more information.

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Style Your Hair With Straight Razors From Donald Scott NYC

Straight razors have always been known as a tool for shaving, but there are many hairdressers who use straight razors from Donald Scott NYC for cutting and styling hair.


A straight razor is usually used on straight, softly curled, fine and medium-textured hair. The razor tapers the ends of each strand rather than create an even cut across the length. It cuts at various lengths to add texture, movement or layers to your hair. Your hairdresser can also use a straight razor to add a soft, straight style by shaping your hair into smooth layers. The razor creates a look that may not be achieved with traditional shears.


You can find a variety of straight razors for your home or business when you shop with Donald Scott NYC. The straight razor is great for quickly cutting and shaping thick or curly hair. It comes with seven blades, and refills are available for this razor. The DS/X4 Razor is combined with a short guarded razor to bring you a tool for trimming behind your ears or the nape of your neck. It comes with 11 guarded blades for a close and smooth shave.


Use the straight razors from Donald Scott NYC ( to trim specific areas or add texture to your hair.

Buying a Home In The Brazilian Market


In many parts of the world, the real estate market is booming. More buyers than sellers are in the market, and this is increasing the overall price of properties on YouTube. Many people are having trouble finding a property within their price range. If you want to invest for your future, investing in real estate is a great idea. However, having a company on your side can make a major positive difference in your search. Construcap is a company that is truly committed to helping others in a variety of ways.


Construcap was started as a small real estate investing company focused on individuals with a lot of capital. Over time, the company has evolved to serve the needs of the average person. Based in Brazil, Construcap has benefited greatly from the huge economic boom in the country. More people than ever are moving to Brazil, and this is helping drive up real estate prices. As the company continues to construct homes, the prices are going up every month. This is increasing the profits for the business.

Planning for the Future

Construcap wants to continue on its current growth trend on Over the years, the company has proven to have the best interests of customers in mind. If you want to make a major positive difference in your financial life, investing is a great way to accomplish that goal. Real estate investing can be risky, so working with a quality company on is a great way to protect yourself. Construcap has proven that it truly cares about customers over the years.

Todd Lubar Makes Real Estate Loans Possible For People

There are many areas of the real estate industry that people utilize on a regular basis. One of the areas of the real estate industry that is used regularity but is often overlooked by the general public is real estate loans. Many people who want to purchase real estate property are able to purchase the real estate property only because they were able to secure a real estate loan to pay for the real estate property.


The need for real estate loans is essential to the real estate industry. Without real estate loans, many people simply would not be able to purchase the desired real estate property. For the people who want to secure a real estate loan, there are various things that they will have to be able to do to qualify for a real estate loan.


All lending institutions have set criteria related to who can qualify for real estate loans. People interested in receiving a real estate loan should meet with the lending institution to determine what they will need to do to be able to receive a real estate loan.


Todd Lubar is a real estate loan professional. He currently owns several real estate companies that provide real estate loans to people looking to purchase real estate property. With his companies, Todd Lubar has a special interest in helping people who have trouble getting real estate loans through traditional methods.


Todd Lubar started his career in the real estate industry in 1995. He started his career as a loan originator. While on that particular job, Todd Lubar decided to focus his career on the real estate industry and real estate loans specifically.


In the following years, Todd Lubar learned a great deal about real estate loans on the various real estate loan related jobs that he held before starting his own real estate companies. Through his companies. Todd Lubar has provided many loans to people looking to secure real estate loans.


Michael Zomber’s Inspiring Journey in Preservation of History and Collection of Antique Weapons

Michael Zomber is a versatile individual who has excelled across different sectors. He has a more than 40 years unrivaled experience and skills for collecting antique weapons and armor. On several occasion, Zomber has been featured on top media outlets to enlighten people regarding civil war, antique arms and armor, and accomplishments of various historical leaders.

For instance, he appeared many times on the Tales of the Gun series as a guest historian. This series comprised of Guns of the Orient, Automatic Pistols, Million Dollar Guns, Shotguns, and Dueling pistols. It aired on the History Channel.

Antique weapons collection

Michael Zomber has become one of the highly sought after historians in the world. He is a licensed owner of precious antique arms from various countries throughout the world. He collects European, American, Japanese, and Islamic arms.

According to GoodReads, Michael Zomber manages a team of professionals who evaluate weapons to establish if they meet the artistic qualities. They also determine whether the collected weapons are genuine or not. Zomber advises his clients to strive to understand the arts of the arms and their significance both in the past and the future.

Film production

Michael Zomber has worked hand-in-hand with his wife on various innovative projects. The couple formed Renascent Films, a prominent film production company. Zomber has produced several documentaries and films through this company.

He uses this firm to preserve history by documenting it and distributing it globally. He is the creator of the interesting documentary known as Soul of the Samurai.

Storytelling and authorship

Zomber capitalizes on his storytelling abilities to entertain and educate his large pool of followers across the globe. He has written many historical novels, ranging from Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Jesus and the Samurai, to Shogun Iemitsu. Some of his novels exist both in print and as documentaries.

Social responsibility

As a seasoned historian, Zomber is conscious of the horrors of armed conflicts. Thus, he is always researching and trying to develop strategies that can assist to resolve disagreements or conflicts in their initial stages.

He strongly supports organizations or programs, such as Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Global Exchange, which concentrate on promoting peace.


FreedomPop Offers The Finest Services For Cell Phone Customers

Every cell phone customer coming to FreedomPop for assistance will find it interesting to search their options as they look over the website. This article explains how FreedomPop gives customers what they need, and there is a hard look at what cheaper cell phones may do for everyone. The cell phone plans chosen by new customers at FreedomPop ensure everyone is saving money while tn the phone, text or check their email.


#1: How Are The Plan Priced?


FreedomPop prices its cell phone plans from the free to the very cheap. Customer may start with a free plan, and they may use the plan as much as they like over wifi. There are data, text and minutes caps on the plan, and they remain free unless customers wish to pay more for their plan. This FreedomPop review is concerned with the free plans from the company, but they have plans that will help customers connect to the Internet, have a cheaper phone and pay just a bit for what they need.


#2: The Plans Extend To Wireless Service


Customers may purchase a wifi box from the company that may be used to connect to the Internet at any time, and the customers may use their boxes in a number of situations. The boxes are quite helpful as they may be used in homes or offices, and they provide customers with the Internet connection they need when they need it. They may not know how to manage their wireless Internet any other way, and the FreedomPop box is much simpler.


#3: Giving Kids Free Phones


Putting kids on free phone plans ensures they will have little expenses where the phones are concerned, and parents will not overspend for phones they know their children need. The children need a way of calling when they need, and it is much simpler to put them on a plan that is capped by the company. Customers may choose the gradual option that allows them to use more, or they may cap their plan when they are putting their children on a phone.


Everyone who uses FreedomPop will save quite a lot of money on their services, and they will find it quite simple to use the system when they wish to talk or text. They may purchase wifi box from the company, and they will have one of the most-reliable connections in the world today.


John Goullet

Diversant’s Chairman John Goullet Shares Entrepreneurship Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is challenging and comes with difference obstacles without the help of successful entrepreneurs sharing their life experiences and advice. John Goullet, Chairman of Diversant, a staffing firm headquartered in Red Bank, N.J. has 22 plus years in the IT employment placement industry. He discovered his mistakes in his early career as a professional and business owner and shares advice with prospective entrepreneurs. During an interview with Ideamensh, in November 2016, he discusses his ideas for Diversant, as well as, building successful businesses.

When John Goullet founded Info Technologies in 1994 he became successful and grew one of the greatest IT staffing firms in the United States. By 1999, the firm generated $30 million and a merger eventually happened in 2005 to combine Diversant Inc. and Info. Now that he’s serving as Chairman and Principal of Diversant LLC, the new name of both entities he shares new ideas. Although, he had similar ideas during the formation of his previous company, Mr. Goullet says the new idea for Diversant is constant observation of the present labor markets. He also emphasized on major facts pertaining to the information technology profession; including shortage of professionals and its increased demand to fill positions.

As the demand for IT professionals continues to rise in the United States, especially in the transformation of the medical industry, Diversant is prepared to meet those challenges. The firm selects the best qualified candidates and ensure they have training, support, and accessibility to matching information technology positions. John Goullet said to Ideamensh that their team are continuously searching for the latest technologies in highest demand in national markets. They are able to build a stream of skill sets to enhance IT professionals’ expertise required by their clientele.

The most intriguing part of the interview with Ideamensh is the advice he offers to young and prospective entrepreneurs. He advises them to learn from his past mistakes of neglecting to hire sales representatives and executives. John Goullet admitted he did not hold the team hired accountable for their actions which cost the company as a final result. He discussed other failures as an entrepreneur, including neglecting to form a board of advisors and to invest in training more associates.