Talkspace – Therapy Sessions Online at Low Cost

If you are feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions or have just about any mental health issue that seems to be hijacking your life completely, it is suggested that you for therapy with a professional therapist. Delaying the process of therapy can have severe implications on your mental health, which would trickle down to your physical health soon enough. Most of the people these days don’t want to go for therapy because they can’t afford it or their insurance doesn’t cover it, but it is a must and should not be avoided. If you feel that the traditional therapy is too costly for you, then do not worry as a viable alternative is now available in the form of Talkspace.

Talkspace is an online therapy app that is available for both iOS and Android and helps people connects with the professional therapist at a meager price. It is a convenient option for the people who do not have time or money to go for conventional therapy. Millennials have been flocking Talkspace since Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential Election in 2016, and the people from the Jewish, Muslim and other minority communities have also been joining Talkspace in large quantities. Oren Frank, who heads Talkspace as its CEO and co-founder, said that we are not sure as to surge in the registering of the new members is due to Trump’s win, but it indeed has triggered something in the community.

Talkspace helps people connect with the licensed and professional therapist remotely, and chat via text or call. People even have an option to make a video call through the Talkspace app. Over a thousand licensed and professional therapists are registered with Talkspace, and the process of joining and getting started is as easy as it can be. One can be sure the entire therapy session is completely private and discreet.

The Types Of Positions Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Offers Professionals

Cancer Treatment Centers of America hires for a wide variety of positions at their member hospitals. They need people that are skilled in the field of medicine as well as accountants, janitorial services, customer service, food handlers, and more. They pay a competitive rate for these occupations in relation to what competitors offer in each of the markets in which CTCA operates.
CTCA has been certified as one of the 150 “great places to work in healthcare” as well as the 2nd healthiest place to work among mid-sized companies. The invest in their employees by supporting their ongoing education that keeps them current with the latest advances in their profession. Physicians who join CTA get an opportunity to work in a collaborative environment that uses evidence-based medicine to treat their patients. CTCA looks for nurses who can consistently deliver compassionate care to their patients and who can produce superior results.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has entry-level positions so that those fresh out of college have an opportunity to start their professional career. They also offer fellowships and internships as well. They have a summer intern program for college students that takes place over 10 to 12 weeks. Each intern is guided by an Internship Sponsor. They are included in team meetings and help complete the initiatives of the department they were placed in. They also receive feedback throughout the internship with a final feedback session as the internship winds down.

CTCA was established in 1988. They take a personalized approach to cancer care that is focused on the individual patient. They handle everything in-house such as precision cancer treatment and assessing tumors on a genomic level. They have the most cutting-edge of technology in their hospitals that is used by medical professionals who have received advanced training in their use. They also support their patients as they deal with the side-effects of cancer therapy such as nausea, profound tiredness, depression, lack of appetite, as well as others.

The oncologists at Cancer Treatment Centers of America includes specialists in all forms of cancer such as colorectal, breast, throat, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and more. The oncologists that work for this organization are board-certified and have advanced degrees in their medical field of expertise. As cancer is a complex disease, CTCA has coordinated care so that the whole patient is treated effectively. It can be a complicated journey to go through for patients such as keeping track of doctors appointments, refilling their prescriptions, collecting their personal medical records, filing for disability, and everything else that goes into dealing with this disease. This is why CTCA assigns a personal care manager to each patient that will provide whatever support the patient needs as they deal with this disease.

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Getting Your Own Therapy at Home with Talkspace

Therapy is beneficial for a variety of different reasons. You might simply need someone you can talk to on a regular basis because of life’s problems. On the other hand, you might need a professional you’re able to get in touch with due to mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, OCD and bipolar disorder. This is where a New York City-based app known as Talkspace comes into play, and why hundreds of thousands of people are choosing this app for themselves.

The reason online therapy has grown in the past couple of months by 80 percent is due to the need for home-based mental health assistance. Talkspace allows you to create an account on your phone or tablet and then get connected with a licensed therapist. You can be talking to this therapist in a matter of minutes, rather than being put on a local wait list that could take weeks or months to fulfill. Plus, Talkspace is just more convenient and easier for your busy life. You will not need to set aside an hour or two each week to get to a local office.

Also, with Talkspace, you get to choose your therapist. If you feel one therapist is not working well for you, you can switch to another one. This isn’t something you can do very easily locally, and it is why you need to consider this for yourself and know that it is something that is going to assist you in any type of mental health problem that you’re facing at the moment. Talkspace has revolutionized the world of therapy for so many people and is something that you are going to find to be a prime example of how it should work right in the comfort of your home with the best professionals you can find.

Highland Capital: Investing In A Profitable Opportunity

Looking for reliable investment advice or money management help? Need expert guidance in reaching your investment goal? If you want to improve your chances of achieving investing success, then you need to enlist the services of a reliable investment firm. There are many investment advisory professionals and firms that offer investing and financial management help but it is crucial to get advice or guidance from a well-established company. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

It is important to keep in mind that some investment firms specialize in certain types of opportunities, while others handle just about any type of investment or financial service. If you want to get into low-risk stock trades, you’ll need to choose a firm that deals in that area. They will have thorough knowledge of relatively obscure stock investment opportunities that are appropriate for your portfolio.

Highland Capital has been around for a long time and has a great team of financial advisors, money management professionals and wealth building experts. This company is fully committed to providing top notch services to investors and has numerous clients who rave about the success they have achieved.

You will certainly need an investment firm or professional if you don’t have adequate resources or knowledge to start your business or investing venture. It is imperative to choose a team that can help you throughout the entire process of researching and growing your investment venture. That’s where Highland Capital can help – to lead you on your way to investment success.

At Highland, financial advisory experts and investment specialists are focused on developing solid, long-term relationships with their clients. These experts strive to deliver consistent performance through a carefully researched and properly implemented investment process, and they work to build trusted client-advisor relationships.


When it comes to choosing a money management expert, financial planner, or investment advisor, you need to choose wisely. Choosing a reputable financial management or wealth advisory firm is an important decision. It is crucial to select a company that has an established history of rendering outstanding service to clients.

If you want to invest in your future and grow your assets, consider doing what successful investors do and go with a trusted firm like Highland Capital. With a highly recommended investment advisory team like the professionals at Highland Capital on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality guidance and advice. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

How Dr. Clay Siegall Shaped Seattle Genetics

Cancer is one of leading killers worldwide. One doctor has innovated genetic treatment to help give hope to those with the most serious types of cancer. That doctor, Dr. Clay Siegall, has shaped his Seattle Genetics to become one of the leading cancer therapy companies in the world.

In a recent interview, Dr. Siegall discussed his innovative approach to cancer treatment. And how his business skills helped make Seattle Genetics one of the premier cancer treatment companies in the country. When asked about the origins of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall mentioned the ordeal one of his family members went through during cancer treatment. After seeing this family member nearly die from the side effects of the treatment, Dr. Siegall sought to find a more effective way to treat cancer patients.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and for over two decades have helped thousands of patients through the use of targeted gene therapy. When discussing the financial side of the business, Dr. Siegall mentioned that one of the profit centers for the company is the selling of a proprietary drug. The drug was the first antibody-drug conjugate ever approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, when asked about how long it took for Seattle Genetics to become profitable, Dr. Siegall mentioned that it took about ten years.

When also asked about the challenging times at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall mentioned that there were some moments during the first and the second year of the company that their cash was close to being depleted. However, due to Dr. Siegall’s persistence, as well as the hard work of the research staff, Seattle Genetics was able to survive and grow for the next two decades.

Dr. Clay Siegall was educated at the University of Maryland where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology. Later, Dr. Siegall would receive a Doctorate in Genetics from George Washington University. Today Dr. Siegall is a leading authority on genetic cancer treatments whose Seattle Genetics is helping innovate the world of cancer therapy.

Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Leads The Response To Hurricane Harvey

In the 21st-century, the number of natural disasters affecting coastal regions of the world seems to be increasing but for Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries, the need to assist with these problems continues across the long term. The Newark-born Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries has created a team of individuals who have all become closely involved in local life and assisting with the local community issues which came to the fore during the recovery and cleanup effort following Hurricane Harvey; so dedicated to assisting the people of Houston and the local community was Tony Petrello he granted his employees paid leave for their efforts to assist with the local problems caused by the hurricane.

Giving his own time and the time of his employees without fear of losing income was not the only aspect of the involvement of Petrello following Hurricane Harvey; instead, Tony Petrello has made it clear he believes his own income and support should be used to assist others through matching donations to assist those in need across many areas of the Texas community. In total, the employees of Nabors Industries and the company CEO provided almost $350,000 in donations to the various funds designed to assist those affected.

Tony Petrello has made a habit of building strong links between himself and the community in Texas and across other aspects of his life as giving his time and donating his time to good causes has become a major part of his philanthropic work. Remembering his former mentor at Yale University, Professor Serge Lang also highlighted the generosity of the Petrello family as the memorial service for the educator and mathematician marked the establishment of an endowment fund aided by a $150,000 donation from the Nabors CEO; Petrello later discovered many of his fellow alumni were donating to the cause and decided to match these donations to the value of a $150,000 level.

As his own salary is linked directly to the success or failure of Nabors Industries, one would expect Tony Petrello to be driven by the capitalist dream but he has often been an outspoken critic of the profit at all cost approach of Wall Street. In response to a recent period of growth for drilling brand, Tony Petrello made clear his belief in growing the corporate responsibility aspects of the company over the course of the coming years.

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Shervin Pishevar Is An Angel Investor And Tech Entrepreneur Who Cares

About The Educational System Of The United States

Shervin Pishevar is an angel investor, published researcher, tech entrepreneur, incubation pro, and start-up advisor whom also co-founded and is the Chairman of Hyperloop Technologies Inc. He was also the Managing Director and co-founder of Sherpa Capital. Pishevar has invested in more than 60 companies as a seed and angel investor, and these companies have been a part of the mobile, Ad tech, commerce, media, and search industries. He has spent time as the Entrepreneurial Ambassador to the Middle East and Russia and serves the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council as a member.

Shervin Pishevar attended the University of California where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in interdisciplinary studies. He is the author of quite a few U.S. patents and is also a researched with published work in Neuroscience Letters and the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). Shervin Pishevar founded WebOS and served as its Chief Executive Officer from 1997 until 2001, and he went on to co-found Seges Capital and Application Corporation in 2001. He spent time with Ionside Interactive from 2001 to 2004 as its Head of Product, Director, President, Co-founder and as part of its Business Development and Sales team. After this, he became the COO and Founding President of Webs, Inc. and remained so from 2005 until 2011. He moved on from this to become the Managing Director and Venture Advisor of Menlo Ventures during 2011 to 2014, and he still sits on the board of Menlo.

The United States Government picked out Shervin Pishevar to be one of just 100 naturalized Americans to be given the Outstanding American by Choice award, and he is also one of a select group of people to serve on the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. He was part of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications policy working group who, in 2008, helped to put together the Technology and Innovation Plan, and he was featured at the Summit on Entrepreneurship in Algeria as a keynote speaker. He was a part of directing and managing a quality school with a large number of students when he served as the Vice President Pro Tempore of the Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland, which is something he will always be proud of.

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Who Sussex Healthcare Wants To Hire

Sussex Healthcare, a company that offers group homes in the UK is now seeking ideal candidates for various positions they have available. The healthcare company is focused on caring for elderly adults, as well as those who have long-term healthcare needs.

Additionally, the group is also committed to helping aged adults that have difficulty learning every day skills as well as with learning disabilities. There are numerous areas of care that this group offers including:

Dementia care
Palliative care
Recreational care and simulation
Respite care
Adult care in specialized areas
Support services such as occupational therapy

Those families that are seeking help with aged adults may want to consider what these facilities have to offer for their loved ones when that time arises. Those who are seeking employment in these areas of interest should consider Sussex Healthcare.


Currently, the company is looking for those qualified in the area of registered nurse:
Registered Mental Health Nurse- Billinghurst
Registered Nurse/RN/RGN Beech Lodge-Horsham, West Sussex
Clinical Nurse Auditor- East Grinstead Area East Grinstead, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Forest Lodge Uckfield, East Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Kingsmead Lodge Horsham, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN- Upper Mead Henfield, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RN/RGN-The Grange Horsham, West Sussex
Registered Nurse RE/RGN- The Granary Horsham, West Sussex

There are still many more positions available with Sussex Healthcare, and there are many aged adults that would love to experience the care that qualified individuals have to offer during their time spent with any group home under the umbrella of Sussex Healthcare.

There are numerous positions outside of those who are working as registered nurses and clinical nurses. Those who are trained to handle activities for residents of the group home are also needed. A quick visit to the website will show all positions that are available, including those featured jobs that are highlighted by Sussex Healthcare.

With more than 25 years of experience, the Sussex Healthcare group has a lot to offer any resident or those attending for therapy. There are numerous opportunities available with the group, including those who are seeking nursing apprenticeship.


Reinventing Home Renovation: Aloha Construction

Home renovation services can truly add value to your home. Are you looking to Spruce-up the appearance of your home? Does your home need any structural work? If you answered yes to either question, then you should consider hiring a general contractor. If you’re residing in Illinois or the southern region of Wisconsin, then you can benefit from one of the best. This general contractor has been in business for 10 years, and it has built an impressive resume. Aloha Construction has helped to revolutionize the industry thanks to its fantastic home renovation services. With over 18,000 completed projects under its belt, the company has gained a solid following in this particular area.

Aloha Constructio serves a very broad statistical-area that includes all of Chicagoland. On top of that, the company has provided services for Pekin, Morton, Hoffman Estates, Round Lake, Lake Villa, Peoria, Vernon Hills, Wauconda, Normal, Washington, Mundelein, Gurnee, Grayslake and many more municipalities. Founded by Dave Farbaky back in 2008, this company has grown to have two distinct locations. Its main office is in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and the second office is in Bloomington, Illinois. With two locations, Aloha Construction can now reach many more potential customers. Some of the most highly trained personnel is right under this umbrella. All of the employees are thoroughly trained and many of the employees have been schooled at the Vinyl Siding Institute. This is no fly-by-night business. Aloha Construction has a plan, and it’s looking to meet the demands for all of its customers.

Did you know that by making minor restorations to your home, you can drastically increase your home’s value? Whether it’s for the interior, or it’s for the exterior, renovation services will definitely give you an overall boost in home equity. Aloha Construction is the cream-of-the-crop in this dynamic field of work, and it is reinventing home renovation services.

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Dr. Mark Mofid Is The Plastic Surgeon Specialist Dominating In San Diego

When it comes to seeking any kind of care or medical advice, finding the right individual is extremely important. This is especially true of plastic surgery, and finding a doctor who is properly trained, exceptionally skilled and reputable will make for the smoothest experience.

When it comes to any aesthetic or cosmetic procedures, finding a trustworthy doctor with experience and good results matters. Trusting this kind of care to just anyone is not the method for success and often ends up in unpleasant experiences with plastic surgery, even when they do not fail. Doing some research to find the right plastic surgeon will greatly increase the chances of good results. One such expert in plastic surgery who is often sought out is Dr. Mark Mofid, a leading surgeon out of San Diego, California who is constantly improving his skills and education of plastic surgery.

Board certified working throughout the La Jolla and San Diego regions, Mark Mofid is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon with his own practice. Along with plastic surgery, Mark is also an educator of plastic surgery and regular works at local hospitals as a staff surgeon. Mark’s impressive academic background and high honors have given him a strong reputation for always meeting the mark. Along with his undergraduate degree from Harvard, Mark earned his medical degree and doctor’s from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Experience at leading universities and facilities around the country give this medical provider a notch on his belt above most others.

As a premier plastic surgeon working out of California, Mark Mofid is widely known as one of the highest minds out there in the plastic surgery scene. As an elective health care provider, Mark is American Board of Plastic Surgery certified. Mark Mofid has stated that people experience significantly less discomfort with virtually no downtime at all with his produces utilizing the Cutera laser. Intense pulse light procedures along with injectables like Botox allows for the best possible look while also allowing customers to feel better afterward. By employing the latest technologies, Mark is able to give his patients minimally-invasive treatments with a quick recovery.