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Wengie Recap: Hacks that Could Save Your Life

Wengie shares hacks with viewers that use everyday objects to help in emergencies. Touch a key to one side of a 9-volt battery and your car phone charger to the other, then touch the key and charger together (taping them to secure it helps) and plug your phone in to charge.


To filter water, you will need 2 jars and a piece of cloth. Put the jar of dirty water on an elevated surface, the empty jar below it, and put one end of the cloth in each jar. The water will absorb into the cloth and filter down into the second jar much cleaner. To make a rain water collector, cut the end off a plastic bottle and cut 4 slits in the sides. Bend the pieces out until it looks like a funnel, then place upside down in a jar to collect rain. Put some money in between your phone and phone case so you always have emergency cash.


Use your bra as a mask in emergencies like a fire or when there is lots of dust. Chips make great kindling even when it is windy. Make a reflective surface from a plastic bag filled with water or a water bottle. Use it to focus the sun onto paper to start a fire. Perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself by putting one fist in the middle of your torso and using the other fist to push up and in to dislodge the food. To make a compass, fill a container with water, magnetize a needle by rubbing it on your clothes, and place it in the water. The needle will point North. Cut the top off a plastic bottle, secure a balloon around 1 end, and place a sharpened stick inside. Pull back and release to make a spear shooter.