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Students Help Improve Wikipedia

In an article posted on Motherboard on February 11, 2016 we learn that some information on Wikipedia now comes from college students. 

Wiki Education Foundation, an independent non-profit, is working with nearly 200 colleges and universities to increase awareness and content of underrepresented areas of Wikipedia, including this year’s area of women in science. Instead of writing term papers, students create or add information to delinquent pages. This provides those neglected topics and individuals with a voice. Since the majority of Wikipedia’s editors are white males, there tends to be some bias to the information posted on it. Students have to adhere to the site’s strict guidelines, including proper citation, to help expand the online information source. Because Wikipedia has a long list of restrictions, this challenge can be more involved than a term paper.

While Wiki Ed doesn’t see this as a total solution to any gaps or inaccuracies of the site, it does help in aiding students in their writing and critical thinking skills. The students have to question how they read information on the web, making sure that reliable sources are chosen. This increases the accuracy of content and provides proper exposure to all involved parties. Wiki Ed also hopes to inspire not only Wiki experts, but experts in all fields to embrace putting their knowledge on the site to even further educate users.

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