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White Shark Media Experts Produce Many Positive Results

It is easy to see why customers of White Shark Media are so thrilled with the services that they receive from this innovative company. According to the company’s website, a medical company from California says they are thrilled with the stream of new customers the company has been able to provide them while an e-commerce store from New Jersey is thrilled with the way that White Shark Media has lowered their cost-per-click.

Furthermore, another e-commerce store in New York says their sales increased 30 percent and a medical service in New Mexico says that their conversion rate increased by 70 percent. Many other business owners have written the company stating that they were thrilled with their return on investment.

One of the ways that White Shark Media (more can be found here:,28.htm) as kept their customers happy is by offering a range of services including pay-per-click, search engine marketing and search engine optimization to various businesses with a special emphasis on those working in the legal field and the dental field.

In their Google Plus profile page, Many customers of White Shark Media tell the company how thankful they are for the in-depth review of their search engine optimization. As the company works with various clients, they see common mistakes that many business owners are making.

One common problem is not taking advantage of internal links to increase crawlability, scalability and a tiered structure. Each site should also contain external links increasing ranking power. Other common problems that White Shark Media SEO experts see are not marking your local territory, not combining paid searches with SEO, using Flash content and not choosing the correct keywords or using them in the correct manner.

Many business owners tell their individually assigned consultant at White Shark Media that their feedback was the most important feedback that they ever received. If you are running a business, then you need this complimentary feedback on your site as well.

The company has over 600 very satisfied customers serviced by over 144 White Shark Media experts, according to Top SEOS. Most of these customers come from small to medium-size businesses who are spending between $4,000 and $8,000 on their campaigns.