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How Technology Can Improve Wedding Planning

The wedding industry has definitely changed over the years, especially with the addition of new technologies to help brides and grooms plan their special day. Slyce is one of these visual search technologies that allows users to snap photos of anything they see around them, and then searches for a match online. Customers can simply scan barcodes, coupons, QR codes, and instant images to find the product they are searching for. Slyce can be used to search many different items from clothes, to home décor.

This technology can also help to connect stores and brands with their customers. Users are able to find the products they are looking for without having to search through tons of pages of results on the internet. Slyce is able to help brides and grooms search for the perfect wedding attire or décor. They can easily take photos of what they want and get the instant results.

In the past, technology was not used when planning a wedding, but today it can help make the process easier and faster. When people got engaged, they used to spend hours at different stores registering for gifts. They would use a slow scanner to choose what they wanted and would be limited to the items that only the store carried. Even with online registries, it was still a slow system that wouldn’t update to real-time. Now, doing a wedding registry can be a lot easier, especially with the help of visual search technology. Couples will be able to save time and get the exact items they want.

Shopping for wedding attire has also changed quite a bit. Brides would have to spend hours going to several stores to hopefully find the dress they were looking for, as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses. Grooms and groomsmen would have to fill out paperwork and do a lot of coordinating to get their tuxes. These days, brides and grooms are able to rent their attire for a cheaper cost. Some stores, such as Men’s Warehose, even have apps where the tux rentals can be tracked.

Some couples like to design their own wedding websites, and now they create them to look way better than they used to. It can be fairly simple to put up a great-looking website without having to spend a lot of time on it. In the future, they might become more available for mobile devices and phones will be used for much of the wedding planning.