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Neurocore: Changing The Way Patients Are Diagnosed With Mental Health Disorders

Neurocore is a company that believes in offering some of the best testing options to customers and patients who come to them. The company has several centers across Florida and Michigan and has provided their services to thousands of people coming to them from all over America. The company is dedicated to continuing researching in the field of neurology and uses some of the most high-end brain mapping technology to give their patients some of the most precise test results.

Every year, millions of the people develop mental health issues, while the number of them being correctly diagnosed and treated is far less. People who have mental health issues often visit psychiatrists who may not conduct tests on them to find out the cause of their problem. This leads to a somewhat inaccurate diagnosis and hampers the patient from receiving personalized medical care that caters to their specific need. Neurocore wanted to be able to offer patients a tangible way to uncover what is going on in their brains, which is why they decided to put the testing system into place. Since patients coming to Neurocore often are different from one another and have various conditions, the need to personalize all of the tests that take place is imminent. All of the patients are given tests that will help give them a more comprehensive look into the illness that they have been diagnosed with, or are waiting to be diagnosed with.

Neurocore is being seen as a revolutionary step in the array of mental health. The technology and testing systems that the company has in place have been of great help to doctors all over the country who are looking for more precise ways to understand their patient’s brains and the illnesses associated with the chemistry that goes on there. The technology that Neurocore is currently using is paving the way for better diagnoses of mental illnesses, and is changing the way people in the country look at the term ‘mental health.’ Currently, the testing that Neurocore conducts can be used to diagnose and understand a range of mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, autism and much more.

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Organo Gold Understands Coffee Is More Than Just A Breakfast Drink

Good or Bad

It has been debated for a long time whether coffee is good or bad for you. Some say that it depends on how much you drink, or whether you drink decaffeinated or caffeinated, as well as sugar and sweeteners used, and the list goes on. However, there are have been two recent studies in the Annals of Internal Medicine that favor on the side that drinking coffee can provide healthy benefits.

The Americans

The first study followed the coffee drinking habits and its effects on 185,000 Americans from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The study, which took place over 16 years, came to the conclusion that drinking coffee lowers the risk of many life-threatening diseases. It did not matter if the coffee drinkers had caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.


Europeans were also involved in a study and the results were the same. People who drink two to three cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of getting life killing diseases. Though the doctors will not exactly state that drinking coffee can prolong someone’s life, it should be noted that it seems to have many healthy benefits.

Organo Gold

Organo Gold understands that coffee naturally contains things such as antioxidants and nutrients that will benefit to anyone who drinks coffee. However, Organo takes it a step further when it comes to the health benefits of coffee. They add a special ingredient called Ganoderma that provides flavor as well triterpenoids and amino acids.

Step further

Organo did not stop there. They realized that instant coffee can benefit drinkers because of the higher levels of antioxidants found in instant coffee. This is why they created coffee that is quick to make and healthy to drink.

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