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A New Type of High Quality Meal

High quality cuisine is big news these days. Modern culture is just getting out of a phase where portability was thought to trump quality. As such the days of fast food are rapdily disappearing. Now people are curious about the new healthy trends in high class eating. As such it’s not surprising that the Daily Herald has a new story about use of higher quality ingredients in meals. What might come as a surprise though is the fact that it’s all about dog food.
The article traces a seemingly new trend in how dog food companies relate to their craft. One of the main points of the story is the ways in which dog food is becoming more like human food. For example, it describes an innovative new “he’ll have what you’re having” advertising campaign on YouTube. It’s centered around the idea of making meals for dogs that are similar to what humans eat. But the trend of similar ingredients isn’t quite as new as many people might think.

One of the most notable examples of dog food aiming for similar lists of ingredients as a great human meal can be found with Beneful. Beneful is a high quality dog food brand that was founded in 2001. Ever since then the company has pushed for dog food that uses only the finest ingredients. One of the most notable examples of this can be found when one opens up any bag of Beneful dog food.

Right from the start, Beneful’s dry dog food ( has been something that could be identified by sight alone. This is because they have always used ingredients so fresh that it’s obvious to anyone who looks at it. And most of their products are readily available on Wal-Mart groceries nationwide. Most dog food is an unidentifiable mass. But Beneful’s dog food is made with very obviously fresh ingredients. The beef or chicken flavors, for example, will have actual chunks of beef and chicken. The same goes for any of the vegetables used within it. All of the fresh and healthy ingredients are prepared in a way that will maintain both the nutrition and flavor. This ensures that Beneful’s dog food can really provide the full nutritional benefit of any ingredient. Like the Beneful facebook page: