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The Travelling Vineyard; Top Insights

Several jobs which can be done at home exist these days. This allows one to choose on which way to earn money from a variety of jobs. These jobs don’t necessarily need someone to be out the door. They include jobs such as email support, writing, translating, and test scoring. Wine selling is one of the jobs that will get many people fascinated because it can also be done while indoors. While doing the job, one can also taste a variety of wines. Selling of wine from home was made possible by a firm known as Travelling Vineyard which was founded in 2001. The firm has provided money making opportunities to thousands of people who work from home.

Most of the American people tend to enjoy wine that of their taste and preference. Research conducted by Wine Institute portrayed that an average American resident drinks 2.9 gallons of wine. This rate has also steadily risen from 1.77 gallons in the year 1995. Hence the benefit of the job is that finding customers is not hard. This product is likely to be ordered time to time because its consumption rate is high. Orders include those who want to try taste new wines in the market or those who order their favorites. The other added advantage of the job is that the start-up cost is low. One also doesn’t experience pressure from the outside since the Traveling Vineyard doesn’t have a minimum or maximum sales quotas.

The first step of joining includes one buying the Travelling Vineyard Success kit. The success kit has enough wine bottles to serve the first two events one holds. It also has glasses for tasting and several materials accessories to help one achieve his or her success. One is also provided with a Personal Estate Website which is cost free for the first three months. One will be able to receive commissions for each wine bottle as the pricing of a bottle ranges from $15-$14. Reference bonuses are also obtained if one can refer customers who end up seizing the opportunity. A member can get a 20% discount on any wine he or she purchases all of which is included in one’s income.

The Traveling Vineyard has no limitation of how many hours or how far you can work hence one can make the most out of a job. Therefore one can set aside his best time to do the work based on a personal situation. One is also given a privileged to communicate with his family so that the firm may know what time to leave you apart from emergency issues. One is encouraged to enjoy the work even though it is work done at home. Being accessible to customers and the firm is also an advantage to maximize sales. One can also set up certain specified hours for communication. However, most of the people enjoy when communication time is not specified.

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