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The Lock and Walk Trading Strategy and How Netpicks can help you Navigate the Market

In the beginning of June, the market was jolted by massive sell-off in the tech sector in a move that forced a rethink in the prevailing market sentiments. According to an overview on, investors who hitherto believed the market was unstoppable now feel a certain measure of unease. The underlying has given new hope to a choppy market in summer. To ride this new wave, investors need to implement well meaning, proactive strategies targeting a choppy market environment. One such strategy, acknowledged for its profitability is the ‘Lock and Walk’ trading strategy.

According to the author, past successes are not a guarantee for future success; however, the strategy is designed as a support and resistance tool specially built for the tech laden, NASDAQ market. Traders who use this strategy mostly look for short-term gains. A trader can easily learn and apply these rules largely tilt towards technical analysis. The whole strategy is built on the premise of buy closer to support, sell closer to resistance, and stop if the support breaks. The Lock and Walk strategy also has another important element, the 67 basis points in gains. The feature is delicately designed to shut down trade, until the next commencement.  To further enhance the knowledge about the product, click this very useful link.

About Netpicks

Established in 1966, Netpicks is an online trading strategy educator based in Irving, Texas. According to, the company has consistently provided cutting edge trading education on; Trading Systems and Signals, Stocks, Forex, Options, Futures and ETFs. The company is fully committed in its mission to help regular traders succeed in the markets. The Futures Trading System is designed to help traders make the most out of the opportunities that exist in the futures market.  For updates and the latest news, visit

The Netpicks Forex Trading System on its part, allow traders to access and profit from forex trades. Forex is the largest market in the world estimated to transact over $4 trillion daily. Even with these solutions, Netpicks experts also offer bounce off ideas, trading tricks and indicators necessary in instituting successful trades in a virtual environment.  The systems target traders in full time career; those looking for part time income and traders who want to get done in minutes. Continue reading here.

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