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Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina Completes An Interview CEOCFO Magazine

Bob Reina now serves as the chief executive officer at communication and marketing company, Talk Fusion. He founded the company back in 2004. Below is a short summary of the interview that Bob Reina conducted with CEOCFO Magazine Senior Editor Lynn Fosse.


One of the first questions asked in the interview was what led Bob Reina to create Talk Fusion. He answered that the moment came in 2004. During the time, Bob Reina was a direct seller for a company full time. He was out looking at properties to buy in North Carolina and wanted to share a video of a property that caught his eye with his family. Bob Reina said he tried to upload a video in an email but said it could not be done.


This led Reina to come up with a bold new idea. He thought about creating a company that would allow people to embed videos in emails to share with their family. This was the spark that eventually led to the founding of Talk Fusion and all of its marketing and communication services it offers today. Learn more:


Another question asked of the businessman by CEOCFO Magazine was how his prior experience as a police officer helped him launch and run his business. Reina says that he was taught as an office to always be on his toes. He was also taught that it does not matter where you are right now, but what matters is where you are going. Such an approach and philosophy has helped make Talk Fusion more competitive and innovative says Bob Reina. He also always plans ahead and looks to the future so that his business does not fall behind new technological developments or trends.


CEOCFO Magazine asked Bob Reina how his company gives back and what he does do encourage giving back. Bob Reina said that Talk Fusion gives people the chance to make a comfortable living and thus give back to their community, wherever they may live. Reina himself gives back by donating money to animal shelters and relief efforts. He also encourages his employees to step up and do the same to help those in need.


Securing the Digital World-Rubica

Cyber threats are growing in high rates and it might seem shocking but it is important to be safe from the threats. Cybercrimes are bringing more damage than good to individuals, government as well as organizations all over the world. Cybers need to protect themselves from such insecurities which can cause losses and leakage of crucial information. A perfect example is what happened in May 2017 when the attackers attacked about 300000 computers getting information from about 150 countries across the world. Listed below is the answer of why cyber security is important as explained by Investing News Network (INT) (Facebook).

  1. The severity of Attacks: according to PwC’s report it is not only the number of cybersecurity that is increasing instead also the degree of the attacks is also on the higher number and the attack s are bringing more destruction and harm to the world.
  2. Future outlook: according to a report released by PwC, the number of organizations that are taking big steps in securing their technology is increasing.
  3. Increasing threats: it is important to secure the cybers because of the number of attack s that are increasing each day.

Rubica is a private organization that offers security for the digital system. Rubica was established with a primary purpose of securing the digital systems of organizations, individuals, as well as the government system behind the scenes. To get Rubica to secure the system one can simply download their app on the desktop, Android phones as well as laptops.

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Bob Reina Utilizes Technology to Help Others

Bob Reina is a leader in the field of technology today. He is excited about all of the ways that technology can be utilized to help others in a variety of industries. With his experience in the field, many people look to him for help and advice. Learn more:


Bob Reina recently gave a talk on different areas where technology can make the biggest positive impact in the world. One area that he focused on a lot was healthcare. There are a lot of great things happening in this industry today that can impact the lives of others.



Bob Reina


Bob Reina is someone who has always been interested in new technology ( From the time he was young, he always loved reading about different areas that were changing with new technology.


While he was in school, he learned a lot of different lessons in applied technology. This experience is now helping him in business in different industries when applying new technology. Learn more:



Health Options


The field of healthcare is constantly changing. Bob Reina is a strong believer that technology should be leveraged to help in this area as much as possible. He wants people to understand different ways to use technology in health and wellness.


With new technology coming out every year, people can live more active lifestyles than ever before. Investing in your health is a great way to take your life to a new level. This is what Bob Reina has been encouraging people to do for many years. Learn more:

Jason Hope – Entrepreneur, Futurist, Philanthropist and Investor

Jason Hope has a long and storied reputation as a futurist–a futurist with passion, skill, ambition and natural skills.

Like so many other enthusiasts, Hope has an burning passion for all things related to technology. Where Hope separates himself from the crowd, however, is that he takes his passion to a higher level than mankind has ever seen.

Hope thought he had a crystal clear picture of the world as it is now, but just as his ideologies began to cement in his brain, he realized that the real challenge to predict the future and hopefully steer it towards a better course of action.

How the world of technology will be integrated into the wilderness in a two decades’ time? “Where exactly is technology headed in future?” Hope knows he has a tough road ahead, as predicting the future is like trying to hit a moving target–and that’s on a good day.

Some people believe the “Internet of Things” is the wave of the future. Others believe we have already entered and are in the midst of the earliest stages of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) phenomenon. Hope believes this will become an increasingly a part of our lives as life goes on—it already is to a large extent, but Hope believes the IoT will become an even greater part of gaming culture in the coming years.

Hope is an Arizona native who spent his childhood in Tempe. He attended Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in finance. He went on to attend ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, where he earned an MBA.

As an Arizona native, Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business to learn more: click here.

What are his keys to success? Keep things basic. If you overthink an idea or concept, you simply waste time and make it more difficult for yourself to succeed. Also, Hope recommends focusing on one business venture at a time. If you’re trying to manage two different projects at the same time you won’t have your full attention on the task at hand.

Hope’s ultimate goal is to help people and corporations embrace and maximize new technological advances as they come. He gives advice and insight about technology to businesspeople and individuals alike, helping each group to modernize their technology in order to maximize efficiency and capitalize on that technology in the future.