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Rubica assures you of Personal Cyber Security

As days go by, the number of cyber security attacks increase. Between the year 2013 and 2015, the cost of cyber-crimes was reported to have quadrupled to about $400 billion. In a report looking into the cybercrimes, it was noted that the cyber threats were projected to rise to 6 trillion each year by 2021. The amount will include embezzlement, lost data, fraud, and stolen money, among others. Time is ripe for government departments and companies to recognize the importance of cyber security and allocate it with enough funds.


Every person is entitled to their digital rights. Rubica is an organization that helps to secure these rights and helps in reducing cyber-crimes. With Rubica cyber security, one is assured of personal cyber security. Their experts monitor the activities you carry on every day to save you from cyber criminals who may attempt to get your information for their gain. The corporation is based in the US.


For more than 10 years, Rubica has partnered with Concentric Advisors to provide personal cyber security to some prominent persons in the US. To offer personal cyber security to more people, Concentric spun out its cyber division to become Rubica last year. It receives funding from technological investors such as Slow Ventures, Expa Labs, and UpFront ventures.

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