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Raj Fernando Knows How to be Successful

Since the beginning of his career, Raj Fernando has been very successful. He wanted to make better things for himself and for other people who are in the different areas that he works in Chicago. He wants to make things better and sees his success as the only way to do that.

When it comes to striving for success, Raj Fernando started at an early age. After starting college relatively early compared to his peers, he worked to make sure that he was doing things in college that would allow him to be successful in the future. He wanted to make sure that he was doing everything that he could and this meant that he started going to different volunteer experiences even while he was still in college. He saw that as a way to make things better for himself and for the business that he wanted to be in.

After graduating college, he started his own business. This business was in the trade field and he used the volunteer experience that he had in college to make that successful. This gave him a chance to see what business was like and what it meant to truly be successful in the career that he had. He worked hard to make sure that he was doing the right thing and that he was working hard. He sold his first business for a huge profit and got his first major taste of success. He has since flipped several other businesses.

While Raj Fernando sees success as different things, one of the biggest indicators, to him, is in his ability to give back to his community. He knows that without the help of the community, he would not be where he currently is. He wants to make sure that he always gives back to his community and this allows him to see how things can get better. There were many things that he did during his time in his career and this gave him the chance to be even more successful. He gives back to people, as well as animals in the Chicago area.

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Video Marketing Leader Talk Fusion and Founder Bob Reina

Talk Fusion is one of the leading video marketing forums in the world today. Bob Reina who is the current Chief Executive Officer founded it in the year 2007. The forum’s primary targets are businesses. It offers businesses video technology that helps them in growth and delivery of its services. The technology provided by Talk Fusion is unique because of being proprietary and patent based. To ensure the consumption of its products by a big number of businesses, Talk Fusion markets its products through personal selling. The benefit of this method is that it is possible to explain to business owners how to use the products. Talk Fusion conducts its business with very high ethical standards and this consequently contributes to its success.

Bob has steered Talk Fusion towards great success. gives a report on the recent award that Talk Fusion received. It won the WebRTC Product of The Year Award under the Video Chat Category. Technology Marketing Corporation are the official sponsors of this award. TMC WebRTC Product of The Year Award recognizes companies with excellent technology solutions and products. During the award ceremony, Rich Tehrani, the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation expressed his joy to award Talk Fusion the award. The purpose behind the selection of Talk Fusion for this award was for the great work and creativity taken into account during the creation of the Video Chat.

The Talk Fusion Video Chat is designed to facilitate face to face conversations. It is compatible with any device and thus quite convenient for any person. One can download the app from iTunes and the Google Play Store. When accepting this award, Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina attributed the app’s success to its IT team. The team commits itself to offering the best there is in the world of technology. The Director of IT at Talk Fusion also added that its products are designed to meet technology needs. Talk Fusion intends to launch the free trials of all of its products to expand its market. To get more information on Talk Fusion one can visit their website or follow them through their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Importance of Talk Fusion to Businesses


About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk fusion offers solution to video marketing issues in the entire world. Reina was a police officer in Tampa Bay before joining Talk Fusion. Bob joined network marketing in 1990, and he performed his duties as an associate, while still in the police force.

In 2004 Reina wanted to email a video to the mom, but AOL did not have the ability to send videos. He believed it would work. With the help of his friend who was an IT expert, they perfected the video putting videos into emails and later came up with Talk Fusion. The company is doing well in more than 140 countries. Reina is a generous giver to the helpless. He has given a lot of money to several local and philanthropic causes.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a corporation in the video communication business. The company produces conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products. Many people have used the flagship video email service for an extended period. Talk Fusion is a single business. The Talk Fusion portal allows one to send video messages. Talk Fusion permits one to brand their business’s graphics into the video taken. Talk Fusion has several options of sending any video message. The video messages sent through the talk fusion site can be re-used. The company provides hundreds of pre-made videos for people who prefer not to create a new video.

Through the Talk Fusion, Reina has aided many people all over the world by issuing uniforms to the sports teams, contributing money the young Russian boy’s surgery. Reina has also added more than 1 million dollars towards growth and the welfare of close animals in Tampa Bay. Reina and his company give back to the community on a global scale and other organizations.

Cost of the services

The cost of talk fusion is friendly. The cost is usually $175, and the user can get one account storage for 1000 emails and the capability of making the videos last for five minutes. The uniqueness of the firm is that one gets the video built in the email. There is no link for one to follow. The video plays when you click on it. Talk Fusion has a beneficial belief; giving back is unconditionally vital to everyone’s success. Talk Fusion does this through charity work and helping the needy.



What Makes Hall Capital So Unique

People would have thought that Helane Morrison was after money when she switched SEC with Hall Capital. With time, it has been very clear that that was not the motivation but rather the pioneering spirit of the advisory firm. Hall Capital is with no doubt the most prominent firm in the whole of San Francisco. It boasts of assets worth more than 24 billion in addition to managing the finances of who is who in the United States. Her joining Hall Capital has proved to be the most important decisions in her career. When she joined the firm, she was offered the positions of the chief compliance officer and the managing director. The ethical culture embraced by the firm made her take the job without hesitating.

Morrison works with the Sarah Stein who is the President and Kathryn Hall who serves as the co-chief investment officer. They have managed to revolutionize the workplace to incorporate the principles of flexibility and resilience that every woman needs to be able to succeed in the financial industry.

The financial crisis of 2008 dealt a major blow in the trust people had in the industry. Morrison, Stein and Hall are working tirelessly to restore this trust by emphasizing on integrity, compliance of regulations and accountability starting with all the workers in the firm in every other thing that they do. This has brought Hall Capital the reputation of the few advisory firms that can be relied on.

Morrison is on the front line to ensure that every investment the firm makes for its clients is transparent and ethical. Being the chief compliance officer, Morrison works with a group known as the examination staff to peruse the records of companies partnering with Hall Capital. The group rigorously investigates every financial advisor, mutual fund or brokerage firm that the firm intends to use to ensure that it can be trusted with the clients’ money.

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison was born and grew up in Brooklyn. She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism before earning her J.D. degree from University of California at Berkeley School of Law. Here, she served as the California Law Review’s editor-in-chief.

Morrison started working at the US Court of Appeals as a law clerk. She then joined Howard, a leading law firm in San Francisco. Here, she dealt with business litigation. Helane Morrison has also worked for the government in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at the San Francisco Office as District Administrator and then as Regional Director.

Sanjay Shah Leading Solo Capital to a Greater Level in the Business World

Financial investment entails putting money into a particular asset with hope it will accumulate to a large amount of cash. The higher the sum of money invested, the bigger the risks, and the higher the returns. Investors can afford a sigh of relief due to the increased number of firms that are ready to guide them through the process of making investment decisions. Solo Capital Markets is a prominent financial firm based in London, England. The United Kingdom is responsible for the regulation of Solo Capital operations. The firm specializes in dynamic fields such as consulting, proprietary trading, and professional sports.
Services offered by Solo Capital Partners

The company was established on September 13, 2011. The registered office of the firm is located in London. The firm has an active organization status and is managed by three directors. Solo Capital offers financial advice to its broad client base. Additionally, it offers agency brokerage service, management of investment, ensuring client’s money is protected, and corporation’s assets safeguarded. A team of professionals who have an industrial experience of many years manages the firm. The firm offers personalized services to its clients.

The news published on Global Citizen Magazine indicates that Shah studied medicine, but opted to venture into investment and financial industry. He proceeded to work for several accounting firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.

Brief details on Sanjay Shah
Sanjay Shah is an established businessperson and an active philanthropist born in September 1970. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capitals Partners. Solo Group Holdings oversees the operations of Solo capital markets. In turn, Solo Group Holding is controlled by a firm owned Sanjay known as Aesa S.a.r.l. Additionally; Sanjay holds a network of several firms across London. Some of them include Dubai, Malta, British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, and more.

Shah had earned according to Global-citizen a record £19 million for the year that ended on March 31, 2011, prior to the establishment of Solo Capital. Old Park Lane Capital was under the management of Shah in 2014. The firm is a stockbroker that specializes in natural resources. During the beginning of the year 2016, He was worth US$280 million. Sanjay considers himself retired and has two offices located in Dubai and London.

Philanthropic activities

Sanjay is an active humanitarian who supports various community-based organizations that support education causes. Shah sponsors Indian children to transform their education dreams into a reality. One of his children is autistic, which influenced him to fund the 2014 Autism Rocks. He serves as the Founder and CEO of Autism Rock organization. The aim of the organization is to enhance awareness of autism as well as its research. He has arranged several concerts in both London and Dubai.