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President Of OSI Group David McDonald On His Most Satisfying Accomplishments

As president of OSI Group, David McDonald is a success story to inspire entrepreneurs and hopeful executives everywhere. In a recent interview, David was asked to reflect on his career with a particular focus on successes and the achievements that have meant the most to him. Mr. McDonald was happy to share his insights, which may further inspire others hoping to pursue similar career paths.

When asked what has made OSI so successful, David stressed the cooperation between individual companies within the corporation. He said the partnerships each organization forms helps OSI to excel as a collective. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit of everyone within the organization that drives OSI toward excellence.

Mr. McDonald was also asked to discuss the most satisfying experience he has had in his business career. Instead of looking back on his career and choosing a distant memory, David named a recent achievement. OSI recently started a new operation in China and it’s easy to understand why that event was the most satisfying event in David’s business life. It required a significant investment of time and resources to make that goal a reality, so Mr. McDonald was delighted to see it all work out. He says the facility enables OSI to move forward with their plans for that region of the world.

Even after the facility has been made ready, David says China still presents some challenges. He says connecting with quality suppliers, while negotiating with agencies within the Chinese government has been a difficult part in getting the operation going. Yet, David adds that he understands the government is only trying to protect its people and ensure positive growth for the country’s economy.

That brings David back around to discussing his insights into marketing. As the leader of global organization, Mr. McDonald has seen the benefits of working with local communities in different locations throughout the world. He says the best results come from making genuine connections with the communities in which OSI operates. As opposed to employing marketing gimmicks, David McDonald recommends connecting with local cultures. When a genuine bond is created, corporations like OSI Group can forge lasting relationships with their customers.

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The Chainsmokers Make Headlines With New Music Releases

The Chainsmokers have been on stage a lot during their touring and opening for others however they have always felt a little awkward in the fact that there was no lead singer. For the duo, the fact that there is a voice coming out onto the stage without having someone there singing, this was something that they had to get used to. For them, they enjoy doing it no matter what the circumstances are however they would like to mix things up a little.

Drew is the lead singer as well as the frontman of the band. Using Drew as the main focus is what the band strives on however there are times that they would like to mix it up some. For a band that started out in electronic music, they have been able to turn that into something they love and raise to the top of the charts with a number of pop hits. Raising up with electronic music and then releasing pop hits, these are two different worlds that the Chainsmokers have been able to infiltrate.

Performing is something that they have always wanted to do and making music is something else they have always wanted to do. For the group, they never do anything that they do not want to do. Everything they produce, everything they release, it is all done because they want to. Aside from playing in the band and living their lives surrounded by music, the pair is generally happy with how far their lives have come.

The Chainsmokers have been lucky enough to work with a number of highly skilled professionals and producers. The one thing they really never did was sit down with just one producer and collaborate with them. This is something they are changing with their new music releases. Unwilling to spill the beans completely, all the duo will go on record saying is that they have brought out a number of good ones for the up and coming releases.

If that tells you anything, it tells you that the Chainsmokers will continue to stay on top of the world and on top of the charts.

Tony Petrello’s Nabors Industries Leads The Response To Hurricane Harvey

In the 21st-century, the number of natural disasters affecting coastal regions of the world seems to be increasing but for Tony Petrello of Nabors Industries, the need to assist with these problems continues across the long term. The Newark-born Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries has created a team of individuals who have all become closely involved in local life and assisting with the local community issues which came to the fore during the recovery and cleanup effort following Hurricane Harvey; so dedicated to assisting the people of Houston and the local community was Tony Petrello he granted his employees paid leave for their efforts to assist with the local problems caused by the hurricane.

Giving his own time and the time of his employees without fear of losing income was not the only aspect of the involvement of Petrello following Hurricane Harvey; instead, Tony Petrello has made it clear he believes his own income and support should be used to assist others through matching donations to assist those in need across many areas of the Texas community. In total, the employees of Nabors Industries and the company CEO provided almost $350,000 in donations to the various funds designed to assist those affected.

Tony Petrello has made a habit of building strong links between himself and the community in Texas and across other aspects of his life as giving his time and donating his time to good causes has become a major part of his philanthropic work. Remembering his former mentor at Yale University, Professor Serge Lang also highlighted the generosity of the Petrello family as the memorial service for the educator and mathematician marked the establishment of an endowment fund aided by a $150,000 donation from the Nabors CEO; Petrello later discovered many of his fellow alumni were donating to the cause and decided to match these donations to the value of a $150,000 level.

As his own salary is linked directly to the success or failure of Nabors Industries, one would expect Tony Petrello to be driven by the capitalist dream but he has often been an outspoken critic of the profit at all cost approach of Wall Street. In response to a recent period of growth for drilling brand, Tony Petrello made clear his belief in growing the corporate responsibility aspects of the company over the course of the coming years.

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