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Skout Is Helping People to Scout out True Kindness

It often seems that there’s not enough kindness in the world. But a recent story on Uloop shows that there’s a lot more kindness out there than many people would ever suspect. And what’s most amazing is that the information has come from a social networking app. And this app, called Skout, is also helping people to spread even more kindness into the world.

The creators of the app decided to try sending out a small survey to users. It’s hardly surprising that so many people decided to complete the survey. Skout is centered around the idea of community and exploration. And it’s not just physical exploration, the app helps to connect people with new friends all over the world. So one could hardly think of a better audience to ask about random acts of kindness. If anyone knows about random acts of kindness it’s users of an app which is often centered around the idea of making meaningful connections with previously unknown people. And the results of the survey are enough to brighten even the most cynical hearts. Because it found that a full 51% of college students perform a random act of kindness every day. And the good news gets even better from there. It also showed that 93% of the users have done something unexpected and kind for a stranger.

The app also quizzed users about their views of random acts of kindness. This provides a lot of valuable data on just what people might mean when they talk about doing nice things for strangers. Users were asked to look at and categorize various acts of kindness. One of the more surprising findings is that the recent phenomenon of paying it backward in lines was considered the most meaningful act of kindness. Paying it backward refers to making an order in a drive through lane and then paying for the order of the person behind them as well. This is notable for the fact that no personal connection is ever made. It’s simply a nice act for a stranger which one will never receive any direct thanks for.

The survey also showed that the next most popular act of kindness was sending a text to a friend to simply thank them for being such. This might not be so surprising given the digitally connected nature of Skout users. But coming in a close third is a far more direct and physical representation of that sentiment. And that’s giving a good friend an unexpected hug.