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Rocketship Education: Building Success From the Ground Up

It is believed by a great number of people that the course of our lives can be shaped by its earliest years. This idea seems obvious when brought to the attention of anyone familiar with psychology. The foundations of what we learn are set in elementary school. More importantly, our attitudes towards education and our abilities are set during this time as well. This significant time is often overlooked by many education programs. While anyone can recognize the value of the subjects taught few see the greater significance of the habits and attitudes formed during this period of time.

Rocketship Education is a groundbreaking charter school program that sees the potential of these early years. The nonprofit organization services exclusively low-income communities in service to their mission of eliminating the achievement gap in our lifetime. They were founded in 2006 and have since then focused all of their energies on developing a sustainable program that addresses the thicket of challenges threatening the success of lower income populations. Rocketship Education is a fervent believer in the endless potential of any student who works hard to achieve their goals. Further, they feel that every child in the United States has a right to a quality education.

Rocketship Education’s program is centered on community support for the students’ education. They support the community in many direct ways such as when a flood hit San Jose in the spring of 2017. Many families in the lower economic class were uncertain on how they would go about procuring new housing or replacing all the personal property that was lost or destroyed. Rocketship Education flew in to help eventually raising over $60,000 towards addressing these needs. Additionally, Rocketship Education seeks to create a personal connection between teachers, students, and parents. They believe that when instructor’s budget time to get to know children and communicate with parents then they will be better equipped to design lesson plans that suit the student’s interests and needs. Ultimately the charter school hopes to unlock the power of community. They believe that through the active involvement of parents in their child’s education process they will generate lasting success.