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Reputation Management Expert Darius Fisher Shares His Tricks Of The Trade

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Lab in Austin, Texas. It’s a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. Fisher was recently named in PR Week’s 2015 Innovation 50, which recognizes the rising stars in tech PR, and digital communications in the agency, in-house, and social media sectors. After four years of operation and an expansive staff at their disposal, Status is now operating in New York as well as São Paulo, Brazil. His staff is currently made up of 30 or more personnel with 1,500 clients in 35 countries. Status Labs has been delivering second changes to individuals ranging from executives to public figures, politicians, and everyday folks. After his graduation from Vanderbilt University, Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter.

Darius Fisher’s company greatly helped many clients with the Ashley Madison Hack crisis to clean up their online reputation, and relieve them of stress from the situation. Fisher designed a strategy that could repair those damaged online reputations. By way of submitting press releases, video content, media profiles, and by creating a new personal website constantly submitting content that presents the individual’s achievements in a positive way by feeding into the Google Search Engine.

He points out by increasing employee job satisfaction can reduce turnover, it could be an extra vacation day or a free month of yoga classes or a monthly visit by an in-office masseuse or simply try to find out what your employees see as an added value and start from there. By incentivizing your team is identifying what makes them happy and you have less employee turnover, which otherwise makes it very expensive. The staff also like to be appreciated and recognized for the hard work they put in. For example, Fisher makes it a point to send an email to the entire company congratulating them on a job well done. Small gestures can have a massive impact on morale.

Fisher further states that a worthwhile raise is the most surefire way to keep them around if you truly value an employee. Finally, his advice is to find out what makes your employees happy. Understanding what motivates people and taking the steps necessary to achieve that happy environment makes them an asset to your team.

How a Leading Public Relations Firm is Improving Business

Dealing with a horrible online press can negatively affect your business if you aren’t careful with your choices. There are certain people who miss out on growing their business because of a lack of communication between them and their customers, causing their angry customers to spread hateful information across the web and in media form. The truth is that your brand needs to know how to deal with the hate while also trying to improve your brand in general. The key to success is to invest your time and money on top of the line image management that delivers results, and Status Labs is bringing in new people to the company to help those of you struggling with your brand.

Status Labs is bringing in professional marketing advisor, Mike Paul to join the board and be a part of the technical team of Status Labs. They are going to help you grow and successfully develop your brand efficiently. The truth about this industry is the fact that you can easily grow your brand if you know what you are doing and you understand what you are capable of. There are countless brands out there that can guide you to succeed online and attain serious growth. Status Labs is teaming up with Mike because this guy knows how to properly attain results using powerful insight and techniques that can deliver results. With his team over the past 25 years, he has built a name for himself along with his clients who have witnessed incredible results take place. Status Labs knows all about how to build a brand, but Mike can increase and improve their strategy.

Status Labs has about 30+ employees who help manage their nearly 2,000 customers worldwide. Ensuring that clientele grow, they have added on Mike Paul to almost guarantee that results are delivered and can help them attain a safety net to avoid future problems in terms of handling the stress involved within this industry. Status Labs is ultimately going to overtake any other marketing and reputation management agencies in the world when they improve even more their strategic business approach.