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Rubica Digital Security Program Bringing a Halt to Ransomware

Rubica is a digital program that ensures every individual with access to their computer is granted cyber security. This prevents inconveniences which could be caused by various cyber problems including ransomware. Recently, there was an alarming WannaCry attack as a result of the ransomware that found its way to some devices.

Cyber security attacks are growing at a very high rate annually reaping most people off their money. Billions are being lost as a result. However, Rubica has come to the rescue of most ransomware victims and is saving them from experiencing such great financial losses. Rubica protects not only your money but also saves your data. At the same time, intellectual property is ensured, fraud cases are curbed, among many other disasters that are likely to happen within cyber-attacks. Interesting to note, most targets of such attacks are politicians.

Rubica entitles individuals to their digital rights. It has helped people to acquire their privacy through protection of confidential documents and the company’s projects. Rubica achieves this by monitoring one’s activities in their devices.

Its offices are located in the USA and work hand in hand with other security agencies. The company has been in service for years and extends its services globally. Their operations are easy, fast, and most reliable.

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