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Sunny Plumber Gets An Honorable Mention For Their Service Truck

PM Magazine, also known as Plumbing and Mechanical recently featured The Sunny Plumber‘s operational vehicle in a Truck of the Month column. The vehicle featured there is their Nissan NV 2500, one the premier service vehicles they use for transporting equipment and getting their servicemen on the scene at residential units. The Sunny Plumber’s president Ken Goodrich, who also happens to be the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning explained that the logos on the truck are meant to convey a positive demeanor for his technicians, and professional but friendly service to customers. He said he has a preference for these Nissan vehicles because of their reliable performance.

The Sunny Plumber is based in the Phoenix area and was originally named Rescue Rooter. They specialize in all kinds of plumbing work from fixing simple toilet and faucet leaks, to patching or replacing leaking pipes in the home. If there are problems with water flowing out of faucets or unfiltered mineral deposits coming out with them, The Sunny Plumber can find the source of the problem in the water supply lines and potentially solve the problem with trench-less repairs. According to, t hey can also find leaks in sewer lines and install a new system if necessary.

The Sunny Plumber is always on call ready to answer whenever problems happen, even if they happen in the middle of the night. The Sunny Plumber also serves commercial customers that need to keep their water running at peak performance for both employees and customers. Their technicians can also save customers physical stress by installing water heaters and filter systems. And if it wasn’t enough to show up during emergency visits, The Sunny Plumber also offers ongoing maintenance plans to check the plumbing for residential and commercial customers every year. The company has grown from being based in Phoenix, AZ to servicing Las Vegas, Tucson, and Corona, CA. Visit for more information.

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