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George Soros Funds Huilary Clinton Super PAC

The U.S. Presidential campaign is always a major source of financial donations given to the main political parties, in recent years one of the major donors of the past has not been playing as important a role in the Democratic party. Politico now reports hedge fund specialist Forbes billionaire George Soros is making his first major donations to the Democratic Presidential campaign since 2008. The estimated wealth of Soros is reported to have reached around $23 billion and has seen him provide around $8 million in donations divided between two Super PAC’s looking to push forward the Hilary Clinton campaign for the White House.
Despite the fact George Soros did not make major donations to the Democratic campaign of 2012 the chance to assist in avoiding the economic problems of 2008 has drawn George Soros back into action before the Presidential voting kicks off. In 2015, Soros has seen a major number of problems occurring in eastern Europe, an area where his Open Society Foundations is extremely active. The Hungarian born hedge fund manager believes the problems in Europe could have a major effect on how the global economy moves forward in the coming year and believes Hilary Clinton offers the best option for the Presidency.

George Soros has looked to back Hilary Clinton in a strong way with $6 million provided for the Priorities USA Super PAC in December 2015. For Soros the chance to put right what he sees as the mistake of not backing Hilary Clinton in 2008 has drawn him back to the U.S. race for the White House in 2016. The need to bring Soros back into the pack of Democrat donors has been seen as of major importance in the face of an expected donation of more than $1 billion for the Republican candidates made to Super PAC’s. The State Department has released emails detailing the close relationship George Soros has built with former Secretary of State Clinton as the pair have discussed policy in the last few years.