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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina on Culture of Philanthropy

When Bob Reina first established Talk Fusion back in 2007 we have no idea if even he realized how far and how fast his company would grow. Talk Fusion has since become one of the biggest video marketing companies on the internet and they’ve been working hard to establish connections between both customers and clients for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion has been fueled by the passion and energy of Bob Reina. Reina’s faith in his company is backed by his work ethic and multiplied by his willingness to lead with philanthropic endeavors.


A peak inside of the mind of Bob Reina would reveal this gold nugget of a phrase, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This phrase is something that Bob Reina utters early and often and it is something he believes in to his core. Reina knows that he can’t let his success with Talk Fusion overshadow his real goal: to change and help the world around him. With Talk Fusion already in over 140 different countries in the world, there are many places that Reina can be helping out.


To start out with, Reina donated a record breaking million dollar check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. This check not only broke records but it saved the lives of countless little animals that needed another shot at a full life. Reina has also given extensively to Indonesian orphanages who have struggled to get enough funding to properly take care of their charges. Reina knows that the weakest among us need help and that’s why he’s made it such a focus.


Outside of his own personal philanthropic endeavors we have seen Reina turn Talk Fusion itself into a bastion of philanthropy. This is primarily being engineered through Talk Fusion’s new account: the charity account. The Talk Fusion Charity Account comes stocked with all of the features of the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan — the best plan available. The twist on this account is that it is attached to the charity of choice of the Talk Fusion associate. This gives Talk Fusion employees the chance to start building their own philanthropic base.


Dick & Betsy DeVos’ Astronomical Generosity & Giving

Dick and Betsy DeVos has contributed significantly to Republicans and school choice causes. Many of these donations attracted much attention and criticism, but the amount of donations for these causes don’t compared to their different donations amounting to approximately $139 million over their whole lifetimes.


In 2015, this couple gave $11.6 million to various charitable causes, according to their foundation website. Rich DeVos, Dick DeVos’ father, along with his four adult children donated $104 million in 2015 which landed them in the 24th place on Forbes ”

America’s Top Givers”. Dick and Betsy DeVos’s foundation donated more than $3 million to educational causes in 2015. Other than that, their foundation donated $357,000 to groups supporting education reform. After education, this couple’s main donations go towards Arts & Culture. They donated more than $2.4 million for Arts & Culture charitable giving. They believe that high quality arts management is detrimental for the globally diverse arts community’s future. Other than that, the rest of the donations are distributed accordingly: 13% or $1.5 million to leadership and development, 12% or $1.3 million to public policy, 5% or $618,000 to health and human services, and 4% or $488,250 to churches.


Dick DeVos’ Work History


Dick DeVos’ work history is just as amazing as his giving back. He worked in various executive positions for Amway, The Windquest Group, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. He is currently the president for The Windquest Group. From 1993 to 2002, he was the president of Amway, in which this company amounted in sales of $4.5 billion in his final fiscal year. Before that role, he was the vice president of that company. And in 1991, he was the CEO and president for Orlando Magic upon his family’s acquisition of this company. He held these roles for Orlando Magic for three years. In addition to these business ventures, he became a leader for a plethora of community initiatives, such as the launching of the Education Freedom fund which gave over 4,000 scholarships to Michigan’s children, serving on the State Board of Education, and serving as the co-chairman/ chairman for the regional health care improvements, just to name a few.


Financial titan George Soros helping misplaced refugees

George Soros is one of the most powerful financial titans in the Democratic party. One of the many issues close to him is the migrant refugees stuck in the United States of America. Recently Soros has begun funneling $500 million into migrant and refugee founded businesses. He is hoping other financial investors will do the same. He wrote an op-ed emphasizing that nations are failing to see the whole picture when greater integration is allowed.

George Soros points out the country has failed to develop and implement policies to handle the sudden increased flow of migrants and refugees, leading to great political instability, both in the countries that host them as well as the countries they are from. Soros agrees that government should play a large part in creating and providing adequate infrastructure, but also the private sector should have a hand in this as well. George Soros made this announcement during a United Nations summit.

George Soros decision to invest $500 million on opportunities that address the needs of migrants, refugees, and the countries migrants relocate to, comes after President Obama’s administration called for major U.S. companies to play a bigger role in the current refugee crisis. Soros will now invest in established companies, startups, and social initiatives started by migrants and refugees, all by themselves.

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George Soros says his new nonprofit-owned investments will complement his group’s contributions that cover various industries, including emerging technology. George Soros believes his new project will allow displaced people gain access more quickly to government, legal, financial and health services. Private businesses have already invested billions to develop services for non-refugee communities.

Soros believes the private sector can play a major role helping those displaced migrants and refugees who are desperate for work. Soros will be working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee. Soros’ goal for this project is to harness for the migrant and refugee community, the the advancements that are specialized within the private sector.

George Soros’ foundation “The Open Society” will be in charge of the funds, any profits made will go to the foundation’s migrant and refugee programs, which even include community centers in Greece and initiatives to help Syrian refugees. Soros has previously sent gifts to organizations that support immigrants including the Migration Policy Institute and the National Immigration Law Center, as well as super PAC’s that work towards mobilizing voters within minority communities.

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Betsy DeVos Talks About Her Family’s Education Reform Efforts

For close to three decades, the DeVos family has been on the forefront championing education reform across the US. The family matriarch, Betsy DeVos has particularly been vocal about this initiative. She has proved to be a staunch reformer since she was a student at Calvin College. During that time, young Betsy was an active participant in campus politics. Since then, she has remained politically active. In her adult life, Mrs. DeVos has led various party campaigns, political action committees, and party organizations. At some point, she chaired the Michigan Republican Party for six years.


Advocacy Through Philanthropy


Besides their political and business endeavors, the DeVoses are active humanitarians. Betsy, in particular, pursues reform via her charity giving initiatives. She advocates for efforts aimed at ensuring that all school-going children attend schools of their choice regardless of their parents’ level of income. For a long time, children from low-income families had limited choices as far as school enrollment and attendance is concerned. This is what led her to start an educational scholarship fund to pave the way for equal accessibility to education.


Betsy’s involvement in the education choice reform program started after she served on the board of the American Education Reform Council, and that of Children First America. These organizations aimed at expanding education choice through the issuance of tax credits and vouchers. This heralded the formation of the American Federation for Children, an organization that she chairs. According to Betsy, the organization has been quite successful because through its efforts; there has been an overhaul of the Florida education system. The state has implemented a tax-credit scholarship program, which has greatly improved education choice.


Betsy points out that the American Federation for Children is looking forward to securing the gains that have been made in the states of Indiana and Louisiana. Already, measures have been put in place to pass crucial legislation that will improve education choice in the two states. She similarly urges the political elite to shun partisan ideologies when voting for the legislation since it will benefit millions of children.


Dick DeVos in Brief


Dick DeVos is a Grand Rapids-based entrepreneur, who made a name for himself by providing astute leadership to corporations such as Amway, Windquest Group, and Orlando Magic. The Northwood University alumnus is also heavily involved in politics and Republican Party affairs. He contested the 2006 Michigan governorship on the party’s ticket. Mr. DeVos is also a sailor, an aviator, and a humanitarian. To read more, click on DBDV Foundation.