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Betsy DeVos Looks To End The Zip Code Mentality Of U.S. Education

The U.S. education system has been of concern to myself ever since I had children of my own and saw the issues facing teachers, students, and parents first hand as we all try to give students the best possible chance of obtaining a high-quality education. In my opinion, the appointment of Betsy DeVos to the position of Secretary of Education by President Trump is a move in the right direction as the work of Secretary DeVos should ensure the U.S. public school system moves into the 21st-century after remaining largely unchanged since the middle of the last century; I agree with Secretary DeVos when she revealed her belief in placing the power to create a better public school system would be best served by placing a greater focus on removing the outdated notion that students should be placed in a school solely based on their zip code address.

As a parent, I wish to make sure the school my child attends is the one that best suits the needs of my child and is not simply the only option open because of where we live. A major part of the success I have identified in the work of Betsy DeVos has been her willingness to place her reputation on the line by personally backing reform options she has a great deal of belief in, such as the development of the Detroit charter schools system currently showing higher test scores for students than those attending the traditional Michigan school system. Much like my own opinion of the evolution of the education system in the digital age we all live in, Betsy DeVos has recently been voicing her opinion that the traditional school campus may soon be a thing of the past with increasing numbers of students seeking to utilize the Internet and Web-based learning opportunities to follow a more personalized curriculum based on the interests of the student in the coming years.

Betsy DeVos has grown to become an individual I respect greatly because of the level of support and success she has achieved as an advocate and philanthropist; I also believe the business sense and skill shown by the new Secretary of Education in her work as an investor with The Windquest Group she shares with her billionaire husband, Dick DeVos is of great importance. I have been focused largely on the education reform efforts of Betsy DeVos, but feel her work in backing new technologies in their infancy should be considered as a reason why she is of such great importance to the growing level of support she receives as a backer of efforts to create boxed water and green energy technologies designed to aid in bringing a better quality of life to the people of the world.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina on Culture of Philanthropy

When Bob Reina first established Talk Fusion back in 2007 we have no idea if even he realized how far and how fast his company would grow. Talk Fusion has since become one of the biggest video marketing companies on the internet and they’ve been working hard to establish connections between both customers and clients for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion has been fueled by the passion and energy of Bob Reina. Reina’s faith in his company is backed by his work ethic and multiplied by his willingness to lead with philanthropic endeavors.


A peak inside of the mind of Bob Reina would reveal this gold nugget of a phrase, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This phrase is something that Bob Reina utters early and often and it is something he believes in to his core. Reina knows that he can’t let his success with Talk Fusion overshadow his real goal: to change and help the world around him. With Talk Fusion already in over 140 different countries in the world, there are many places that Reina can be helping out.


To start out with, Reina donated a record breaking million dollar check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. This check not only broke records but it saved the lives of countless little animals that needed another shot at a full life. Reina has also given extensively to Indonesian orphanages who have struggled to get enough funding to properly take care of their charges. Reina knows that the weakest among us need help and that’s why he’s made it such a focus.


Outside of his own personal philanthropic endeavors we have seen Reina turn Talk Fusion itself into a bastion of philanthropy. This is primarily being engineered through Talk Fusion’s new account: the charity account. The Talk Fusion Charity Account comes stocked with all of the features of the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan — the best plan available. The twist on this account is that it is attached to the charity of choice of the Talk Fusion associate. This gives Talk Fusion employees the chance to start building their own philanthropic base.


How Omar Boraie Has Helped The New Brunswick Community

Omar Boraie is a man from Egypt who founded a real estate development firm in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He founded Boraie Development, LLC, in 1972. When he specializes in developing buildings that include residences, offices, and retail space. He is dedicated to making downtown New Brunswick a thriving community that attracts residents and businesses to the city.

When Omar Boraie first started his business in New Brunswick, the downtown core was blighted and had lots of abandoned properties. According to Patch, Omar Boraie started buying these properties, tearing down the existing buildings, and then designing and building attractive new towers in their place. At Boraie Development, after the property is completed they do property management of the tower along with continual sales and marketing.

When he first started developing properties in New Brunswick, many in the real estate community thought he was crazy for building in the city. However, his buildings attract new residents and businesses to the city and has led to others rebuilding in the city making it an important hub in the region. As Omar Boraie is very humble, he gives a lot of credit to the President of Johnson & Johnson, Dick Sellers, who decided to keep his headquarters in the city which was a huge employment boon to the area.

As per NJBiz, outside of New Brunswick, Omar Boraie has also built the first high-rise in Newark since 1960. This $65 million dollar project has proven very popular in the city and has led to redevelopment around it including new restaurants and retail. He is also a building in Atlantic City that will be called The Beach at South Inlet. This will be a luxury development and will be a key part of the city’s Tourism District.

Besides his real estate career, Omar Boraie is dedicated to helping local nonprofits. He is a financial supporter of the State Theater’s free kids movies program and is a Trustee of this nonprofit. He also sits on the board for Elijah’s Promise, a charity that feeds the hungry and also teaches people how to work in a kitchen so they can get jobs in the restaurant industry.

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