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Using Smell to Cure Cancer


Our noses aren’t the only parts of our bodies that can pick up the soothing scent of sandalwood. An amazing discovery has been made in regards to the way this specific scent can help cure cancer. When researchers exposed cancer cells to an artificial sandalwood scent, they quickly died because of their ability to smell and respond to scent. Sergio Cortes says cancer cells are not the only kind of cells that can smell scents like this though. We actually have a multitude of smell receptors within our bodies. In fact, there are seven of them that have been discovered in white blood cells alone. White blood cells can pick up on the scent of sandalwood due to a specific olfactory receptor in them called OR2AT4. Scientists are testing out more scents to see if there are others that the body responds to as well as sandalwood. The medical possibilities of this research are profound considering how easily diseases could be cured using this method.