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The Chainsmokers Make Headlines With New Music Releases

The Chainsmokers have been on stage a lot during their touring and opening for others however they have always felt a little awkward in the fact that there was no lead singer. For the duo, the fact that there is a voice coming out onto the stage without having someone there singing, this was something that they had to get used to. For them, they enjoy doing it no matter what the circumstances are however they would like to mix things up a little.

Drew is the lead singer as well as the frontman of the band. Using Drew as the main focus is what the band strives on however there are times that they would like to mix it up some. For a band that started out in electronic music, they have been able to turn that into something they love and raise to the top of the charts with a number of pop hits. Raising up with electronic music and then releasing pop hits, these are two different worlds that the Chainsmokers have been able to infiltrate.

Performing is something that they have always wanted to do and making music is something else they have always wanted to do. For the group, they never do anything that they do not want to do. Everything they produce, everything they release, it is all done because they want to. Aside from playing in the band and living their lives surrounded by music, the pair is generally happy with how far their lives have come.

The Chainsmokers have been lucky enough to work with a number of highly skilled professionals and producers. The one thing they really never did was sit down with just one producer and collaborate with them. This is something they are changing with their new music releases. Unwilling to spill the beans completely, all the duo will go on record saying is that they have brought out a number of good ones for the up and coming releases.

If that tells you anything, it tells you that the Chainsmokers will continue to stay on top of the world and on top of the charts.

Venezuelan Songstress Norka Luque Is Making An Impact In The Music World

The fast moving music business waits for no one. Musicians may be on top of the world one year and forgotten the next. Music executives like to stir the pot of talent that comes and goes like a summer thunderstorm, so audiences don’t get bored. Boredom is the kiss of death in the music world. Staleness is another trait that ruins the careers of musicians. In order to stay in the limelight, musicians must constantly reinvent themselves and their musical expressions. No one knows that better than 30-year-old Norka Luque. Norka has been reinventing herself for the last 15 years.



Luque was born in Venezuela, but her parents left the country when Hugo Chavez was the president. The Luque’s realized that Norka had talent when she performed in a musical in Caracas when she was eight-years-old. Norka’s parents knew they had to leave their homeland so Norka could get the kind of musical education she wanted and needed. Norka spent years developing her singing style, but her parents wanted her to continue her education in France before she went into the music industry full time. Norka spent four years in France. During that time, she earned a degree in business as well as a degree in fashion and the culinary arts. The business world was intriguing, so when the opportunity to work in Monte Carlo was offered, she took it.



Norka left the band she joined when she went to work in Monte Carlo. The band, Bad Moon Rising, had a dance cult-type following, and Norka was considered the main maven in that dance world. But she wanted to use what she learned in France before she made the decision to move back to Florida and work in the music industry. The decision to move back to Ft. Lauderdale was made in 2007 at a Ricky Martin concert. Martin was one of Norka’s childhood idols. Norka realized she could be on that stage someday if she made the effort.



Moving to the Miami area wasn’t hard because her family was still living in Ft. Lauderdale. Norka wanted to develop a following in the Latino clubs along South Beach, and that’s what she did. Luque’s voice, style, as well as her beautiful looks and spirit turned heads on South Beach. Luque recorded her first album in 2011. Norka was nominated for the female vocalists of the year award when her first single was released, and she is still making a huge impact in the music world.


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Norka Luque: One Of Latin Music’s Hottest New Artist

Venezuelan songstress Norka Luque is an extraordinary talent. Born in Caracas, music has been a major part of her life ever since she was a child. She moved to the United States and attended high school in South Florida. Luque then moved to France where she studied business, fashion and culinary arts. But music was in her soul and during her 4 years in Europe Luque performed alternative music with a band called ‘Bad Moon Rising’. She worked in the banking industry in Monaco for a few years, but the call of music and the stage was too strong. She returned to the United States more determined than ever to pursue a career in music.

When she got back to the United States she met a music producer named Jose Velazquez. Almost immediately Velazquez realized how talented she was and he set about producing an album of her work. While working on the album Luque met Miami Sound Machine’s Emilio Estefan Jr. He too was mesmerized by her irrepressible talent and offered to help her. Luque’s album was a hit and she followed it with a series of scorching hot singles that won her several Latin Music awards. Luque’s style combined a variety of musical influence and genres and transformed them into something that’s uniquely her own.

Luque put her heart and soul into the music and with her incredible voice, magnetic stage presence and hits like “Can I do it Too” and “Milagro” people are saying she’ll be the next great Latin artist. Norka Luque’s career has not been an overnight success. She has been taking piano, dance and voice lessons since she was 8 years old. She paid her dues singing her heart out in small clubs all over France. It was while attending a Ricky Martin concert in France that she decided to put banking aside and answer the siren call of the music industry. Her success has simply confirmed what people that heard her sing knew all along. Noka Luque is a star.

Norka Luque’s hot new single “Tomorrowland” is a unique blend of tropical rhythms, rock, pop and R&B. It has her name being mentioned in the same breath as her idols Shakira, Natalia Jiménez and Gloria Trevi. The catchy Norka Luque sound is climbing the charts. Norka Luque, the little girl from Caracas with the big voice, is taking the world by storm.

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