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Yeonmi Park: A Young Woman Finding Freedom

At the age of just 22 years old, North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has lived through more heartache than most people will ever experience in their entire lives. Within recent years, she has become a spokesperson who has shed light upon the very desperate situation in North Korea. This country is continually shrouded in mystery due to the efforts of its leader, Kim Jong-Un. When Yeonmi Park lived in the country, it was Kim Jong-Il who was at the helm, but not much has changed since his son has taken over. The country is still full of starving people who have spotty electricity, no internet and no hopes of a better future. When satellite images of the world are released, one can see lights emanating from other countries, but not North Korea. Yeonmi Park has also publicly discussed on casey and yeonmi show the death of a friend’s mother. The woman was publicly executed for reasons that weren’t entirely clear, but Yeonmi believes it was because she was speaking out against the regime. In a country that is unclear about everything else, this seems to be the one concept that is made clear to all of the residents; they are not permitted to speak negatively about the regime. This was why, when Yeonmi was a small child, her mother warned her never to express her true feelings in public. This was how people got into trouble, after all. However, the fortunes of the Park family changed rapidly in the years that followed. Yeonmi’s father was arrested for being part of an operation that smuggled metals to the Chinese, and then he was tried and sentenced to a hard labor camp for 17 years. Because of his status as a criminal, his wife and daughters were now ostracized by their community. They survived off of grass, frozen potatoes and insects from the backyard. Eventually, they realized that they were going to die if this continued for much longer. This was when they decided to escape to China, but the women had no idea that what was in store for them over the border was equally terrifying.