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George Soros Gets the Latin Vote

And George Soros strikes again in a big, financial way. It’s the least you can expect from a financial tycoon with a history as profound as his. After a failed attempt to slow down the Republican party during the Bush Jr., administration and presidential campaigns, the billionaire, investment mogul aims at getting American Latinos out to vote for 2016 elections.

But maybe “aiming” is not quite the way to put it. What has recently transpired makes sense only when we put money into the context. A lot of it too. George Soros according to NY Times, has already placed over $6 million American dollars to back the Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton and her campaign for the 2016 presidential election as a first time female President for the USA.

This level of society is not an unusual place for Mr. Soros’s presence to be found in, and the support or backing of controversial candidates tend to satisfy his own world views more so than his beneficiaries and regardless of the amount on the table. George Soros is a man of power with the aggregated bank accounts to support this strong arm easily felt across the planet.

His recent actions are now being recorded by the Immigrant Voters Win Political Action Committee as they are ecstatic and eager to spend raw cash on the various campaign trails. The NY Times is calling the group a “super PAC” now. It’s not hard to tell why.

First and foremost, the man, who deliberately sponsored Barrack Obama just to see a Democratic nominee, is putting his money into creating opposition against Republican front runner, Donald Trump. Trump’s recent rhetoric about immigrations, Muslims and boarder walls is fodder to that fire.

Mr. Soros is fanning the flame and doing it with the Latino vote.

The accomplished investor put up $15 million dollars to push more Democratic appeal and to get immigrants of the Latin heritage out to make impressive numbers in the polls. Numbers that sources say run between a half to three-quarters of a million voters. Since majority of these Latin qualifiers reside in states including Colorado, Nevada and Florida, the affect of their involvement will be no shortcoming.

These states hold a large enough diversity of Latin and some Asian voters that they will each play a large role to how the overall election and presidential candidates strategize. The donation and financial backing of George Soros is part of a succession of investments the billionaire has made in the name of politics.

His philanthropy is often in public record and spans from international economics to the support of young African American men in the United States. We can only watch now to see where his tides will go in the world. It is all an exciting feat.