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Madison Street Capital Enjoys Focused and Structured Leadership

Madison Street Capital is among leading financial advisory services across the world, and the firm has proved to have some of the best business professionals. Recently, their Chief Operating Officer was selected for the NACVA® 40 Under Forty Program, which lists and honors individuals aged below 40 who have inspired the business world through positive energy. Anthony Marsala, the COO of Madison Street Capital was among the cream selected and honored in this program for his outstanding skills and effort towards enhancing business management and inspiring positive decision making and strategy formulation.

The program is handled by a team of professionals, who scrutinize the 125 individuals nominated and choose only 40. To be honored, you are required to prove a sound record of offering solutions for businesses. One needs to prove extraordinary advances in fields like financial forensics and business valuation. The team of judges choosing the winners was impressed by the outstanding performance all the 40 individuals displayed. Their profiles and promise for the future proved useful and key to the business world. These are mavericks that have outstanding works and their contribution to their profession is immense and touches many other industries and people.
Anthony Marsala holds several credentials, along with experience spanning more than 13 years. He graduated from Loyola University of Chicago, where he pursued Finance and Information Systems. Anthony is also a holder of Master’s Diploma in Strategy from Oxford University. He also sits as a certified evaluator with the NACVA and American Society of Appraisers (ASA). His engagements have been dedicated in the energy, agriculture, technology, wholesale and manufacturing sectors to mention a few. Marsala oversees the Madison Street Capital team of evaluators and works to ensure all the services rendered to clients are in line with their promise to the market.

Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital, which is headed by Charles Botchway, is a renowned boutique investment firm that offers financial advisory services to businesses. The firm also deals with issues regarding bankruptcy and capital restructuring. Madison Street Capital has also been working with businesses to offer goodwill and solvency opinions.

Madison Street Capital appreciates the middle market and in this process offers granular due diligence requirements and processes that unlock growth opportunities for start-ups. The Madison Street Capital deal execution team negotiates deals and brings success to the table for their clients. This is made possible through initial market in-depth pre-marketing.

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Understanding the Core Investment Banking Activities with Martin Lustgarten

An investment bank works on behalf of individuals, governments and corporations to help them raise financial capital. The bank acts as an agent to the institutions in the securities market. It also initiates mergers and acquisitions to ensure seamless transition among companies. Investment banks are different from conventional banks in the sense they deal with higher risk activities and do not accept deposits.

To prevent information from leaking, an investment bank also creates a separating wall through private areas within the bank, which are tasked with handling private insider information that should not be disclosed publicly.

Basic investment banking activities
Investment banking is divided into back office, front office and middle office activities. Investment banks assist both investors and corporations to secure securities. They also edify corporations through information about when to sell their securities.

The front office role of an investment bank deals with everything that concerns revenue generation. There are different kinds of market that the investment bank should review to come up with guiding information that can inspire decision making.

Before investing in securities, it is vital to have first hand information about the prospects of a company. This is basically what the research division of an investment bank helps to effect. Information assists traders in making decisions that are profitable because the market is volatile and any slight deviation from the truth could cause huge losses.

Martin Lustgarten and his contribution
Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been working with different companies in the securities market for years. His roles in assisting companies include market review and preparation of reports about the movement of financial commodities. He held both Australian and Venezuela citizenship and he leveraged citizenship so he could reach more clients to offer them assistance in making investment decisions.

Retirement is a dream among many people, but Martin Lustgarten thinks his skills should never be left to rest when there are hundreds of people looking for useful information. He has been active for decades and his view about the market is broad and informed by the changes that happen each day.

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