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An In-depth Understanding of FreedomPlus and Ways to Safeguard your Financial Records from Security Breach

The news about the security breach at Equifax, a US credit monitoring bureau, early in 2017 was a shock to many Americans. The perpetrators of the violation accessed confidential details belonging to about 143 million people such as addresses, social security numbers, and birth dates among others. As such, they got away with personal information that is essential for loan and credit purposes. In the advent of such a breach, here are some of the ways to protect your financial history from theft or fraud.

• Finding out if you are a victim

You can undertake this by visiting a site developed by Equifax, Doing so will help you know if your details were exposed.

• Credit Reports Review

Bear in mind the law entitles you to a free credit report copy from all the three main credit bureaus. For each copy, look out for incorrect addresses, name misspellings or errors.

• Monitor your Accounts regularly and Report Unauthorized Activit. Make sure that you keep a close watch over your credit and bank accounts as opposed to waiting until you get your monthly statement. If you spot suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call your creditor or bank.

• Password

Ensure that your password combines symbols, numbers, and letters. Hence, this means you have to avoid passwords that are easy to remember such as your child’s name or birth dates. You can also rely on a secure password management service like Password Genie and LastPass.

About FreedomPlus

This lender specializes in underwriting loans to sub-prime and prime customers. In fact, it operates as Freedom Financial Network’s consumer brand. It is well-known for developing a proprietary underwriting process aimed at delivering low-risk access to consumer loan portfolios for qualified investors and low-cost loans to borrowers. The company’s chief executive officer, Andrew Housser, among other officials such as Joseph Toms boast not only years of experience in personal finance but also a common objective to aid borrowers in improving their financial state or well-being.

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Freedom Debt Relief Is Transforming Lives

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