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Style Your Hair With Straight Razors From Donald Scott NYC

Straight razors have always been known as a tool for shaving, but there are many hairdressers who use straight razors from Donald Scott NYC for cutting and styling hair.


A straight razor is usually used on straight, softly curled, fine and medium-textured hair. The razor tapers the ends of each strand rather than create an even cut across the length. It cuts at various lengths to add texture, movement or layers to your hair. Your hairdresser can also use a straight razor to add a soft, straight style by shaping your hair into smooth layers. The razor creates a look that may not be achieved with traditional shears.


You can find a variety of straight razors for your home or business when you shop with Donald Scott NYC. The straight razor is great for quickly cutting and shaping thick or curly hair. It comes with seven blades, and refills are available for this razor. The DS/X4 Razor is combined with a short guarded razor to bring you a tool for trimming behind your ears or the nape of your neck. It comes with 11 guarded blades for a close and smooth shave.


Use the straight razors from Donald Scott NYC ( to trim specific areas or add texture to your hair.