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The Breakthrough Studies For A Notorious Fever

In 2007, a talented young schoolgirl was pulled out of her classroom because she was suffering from high fever. Two hours later, both she and her sibling were admitted to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital tested them for virus including Dengue and Chikungunya, the most notorious epidemic prevailing in the town at the time. Both came positive for a little less known viral infection called Zika virus.

According to,  the Health Secretary and other experts in the medical field, Zika virus spreads from the same type of mosquitoes known to spread Chikungunya and Dengue and has similar symptoms like high fever, body ache, sore muscle, red-spot on the skin and pain behind the eyes. So how did the physicians find out the difference between the three? The answer is, while Dengue fever is characterized by overall muscle pain and pain behind the eyes, Zika virus causes itchy eye sockets and red eyes. The Chikungunya, on the other hand, produces intense pain in the joints. There are many studies that were conducted just to find out if a person can contract two or more of these diseases at the same time. Well, the answer is yes. It is possible that a person will suffer from more than one of these illnesses and mask some of the symptoms.

According to noticias, there is no immediate cure, antiviral drug or vaccination to prevent any of them. However, he says there are viable treatments that can be effective when someone happens to be suffering from it. In other words, the disease eventually gets cured when the patient is re-hydrated directly or intravenously. Along with hydration, the patient is required to take rest for at least 5 days or until the illness goes away. There have been many advances in this topic and many experimental vaccines were developed that are yet to obtain approval from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). The first doses have been administered to more than 17,000 volunteers. The results look promising as well. Dr Cortes says the vaccine is around 80% effective in fighting at least 4 types of Dengue fever. The best prevention strategy, however, is to eradicate mosquitoes, stop their breeding and take measures to protect oneself from mosquito bites.

As a medical doctor and notable Health Secretary, Dr. Cortes has specialized in treating many ailments including chronic back pain, joints and neck pain. His holistic approach is well-known among his patients. He recommends good postures to his patients, creates treatment plans for individual needs and helps them regain their mobility within a give time-frame. Dr Cortes has teams working to put an end to many epidemic diseases all over the country. These diseases include, but not limited to, Zika virus, Dengue fever, Hepatitis A, Diarrhea and Leptospirosis. Many patients after his treatment have beaten the odds and lived very long and healthy lives. Along the way, Dr Cortes has discovered that many of his recommendations are simply right and make sense.