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Achievements of Eli Gershkotvich; The CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries

A brewery is a business enterprise that mainly deals with production and sale of different types of beer. Production of beer is done through fermenting a mixture of cereal grains such as barley, wheat, rye, corn or rice, hops, and water with yeast. Brewing was a cottage industry in the past. Production of beer took place at home. New brewery plants have been established to constitute workers who are dedicated to producing and selling beer over the years.


Brewing companies significantly differ in the volume and variety of beer that they produce. They are either classified as small breweries such as Ringwood brewery or as massive multinational conglomerates such as SABMiller, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Heineken International. The types of beer that is produced differ in color, flavor, the method of production, ingredients, and origin. The most notable variety of beer includes ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and malt.


Eli Gershkotvich is a prominent Canadian businessman. He was born on 4th July 1975. He acquired a degree in Law from the University of Toronto’s law school in 1987. He started his work experience as an attorney on liquor licenses. This helped him gain familiarity with liquor licensing laws. Eli Gershkotvish opened up his first brewpub in Gastown as the only enterprise that incorporated steam powered brewing in 1995. His business became popular and a central hotspot for both the locals and visitors over the course of time.


Eli Gershkotvich expanded his brewpub business through the establishment of other local businesses that were tailored to offer Steamworks beverages in order to meet the increasing demand for beer efficiently. Eli Gershkotvich is the current CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries (VancouverFoodster). It is the most prominent brewery that produces a variety of steam work concoctions such as lions gate lager and Steamworks pale ale. It is the principal brew supplier to Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.


Eli Gershkotvich has received numerous awards for his quality beer brands in the brewery competitions. BC Craft Beer Awards recognized Steamworks’ famous Pilsner and awarded it as the best BC craft beer. Eli Gershkotvich is historically known to be a great brew innovator who has transformed Canadian beer.