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The Rising Costs of Healthcare and Ways Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus can Keep the Costs Down

Eric Lefkofsky’s company Tempus is a technology company the hosts a medical library that stores clinical data. Naturally, they would also be very aware of the increasing costs of medical care. Recently, Forbes released an article in the Pharma and Healthcare section that dealt with the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.

The cost of healthcare expenditure in America keep rising, which is causing many to wonder why. Is it the number of visits to medical professionals that are increasing consequently affecting the overall expenditure for healthcare? Is it the length of time under the care of medical professionals? The answer is no to both questions. The reason healthcare costs keep rising is due to the increased costs associated with every type of care.

Stays in the hospital, though shorter cost more. Medical procedures though more advanced and sometimes utilizing a robot instead of a board certified surgeon cost more. The diseases or disorders that had the greatest increase in spending were diabetes and back and neck pain. The cost of treating people who suffered from diabetes increased because of the aging population, the increase of the number of people suffering disease and the increased use of pharmaceuticals. The number of back and neck pain sufferers decreased, therefore they sought less medical attention as a whole, but the remaining patients got more medical procedures performed, so the cost went up.

Despite efforts to reduce the length of time spent on inpatient care, while the costs were reduced by 201 billion, they were counterbalanced by more care being given in less time so the result was an overall increase in spending of $439 billion. In fact, one day in the hospital costs far more than it ever has. The director of the Division of Health Policy Research and Education at Harvard stated that he couldn’t determine if increased costs of healthcare represented increased value given to the patients.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus are working hard to compile a molecular library composed of medical data from thousands of individual cancer patients. With all that data, the costs of many cancer fighting methods will be less when the fight is focused on a single treatment that has been proven to work on similar cases. Tempus may single-handedly help keep the costs of medical care down in the near future.

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The significance of Mikhail Blagosklonny in Cancer and Anti-aging Treatments Research

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a medical scientist who researches cancer and aging. He is a successful scientist who has had several accomplishments in the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, he has excellent academic records from which he has Ph.D. from the Pavlov state medical university in experimental medicine and cardiology, earned an MD in internal medicine from the same college. The academic records have had a significant impact on his career as a medical scientist and a researcher. He has moreover worked with various organizations which are medical related. For instance he worked as a medical professor at New York medical college, worked as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute, also worked as a professor of oncology at the University of Roswell Park cancer institute and much more.

Mr. Mikhail however specialized to doing cancer and aging research. Him together with his team help many other related research centers, medical initiations and much more to get the possible treatments, and solutions to the chronic diseases that affect the human race. He also offers cancer therapies for the patients who have cancer, quality medical care and even provision of anti-aging drugs for the patients. Following Mikhail’s incredible research on disease and anti-aging, he discovered a type of cancer drug known as the Rapamycin a drug used for life extension for the cancer patients. The drug also helps prevent organ transplant rejection for the cancer patient. The Rapamycin drug has proven to be useful for the patients who suffer from the chronic illness. The drug is moreover termed as one of the best medicines ever discovered for the cancer patients and treatment of other diseases.

The miracle drug, Rapamycin plays several roles in the pharmaceutical sector. For instance, it helps majorly in the treatment of cancer, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, tuberous sclerosis complex coronary stent coating, Alzheimer’s disease, facial angiofibroma, increases the life span of a person and much more. The drug has played a role in treating different types of illness and as a result, referred to as one of the best medicine in the medical industry. Mr. Mikhail has also significantly lead the way for the recognition of the Rapamycin drug and the prolonged use of it in the pharmaceutical sector for different types of illness.

Mikhail Blagosklonny main aim is to ensure people get the best treatment with quality services around the globe. He still conducts research which assists mainly the oncology department. His philanthropic nature is to ensure cancer patients can access quality medical treatment anywhere in the world despite the expensive medical procedures. He also advocates for cutting down the steep costs for the cancer patients so that they can be able to access the medical facility and get the necessary treatment. Mr. Mikhail has significantly improved the medical status of many countries around the globe. He has also received international recognition and awards for himself. His focuses on the healthy living, quality education, life without infections and diseases and much more.Indeed, Mr. Mikhail has significant contributions in evolving the health domain.

The Remarkable Influence of Oncotarget in the Medical Industry

Oncotarget is a weekly broadcasted medical journal covering everything about oncology. The article is led by Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny who is the editor in chief of the published medical journal. The medical journal gives an insight into cancer research and other essential medical diseases that affect the humankind. The journal helps many research centers and the healthcare systems in providing adequate and accurate medical solutions to the patients who tend to suffer chronic diseases including cancer and much more. Oncotarget has importantly helped medical researchers, laboratory technicians, and physicians in sharing out their unique and creative ideas on how to solve diseases that affect the human race. Also to give the possible solutions on how to end the era of conditions affecting humankind.

Oncotarget moreover helps the medical sector in general in noticing and finding out the new types of diseases that have emerged, the possible treatment to give, precaution measures to be taken and much more. It provides an overview of how to ensure quality and substantial hospital care for the patients suffering from various diseases. This, however, gives the ultimate goal for Oncotarget to be a center that advocates and promotes healthy living free from infections and illnesses. Following the great team headed by Mr. Mikhail, the medical journal is reported to have the highest demands which have contributed to its growth and the global recognition. The medical journal has also surpassed other journals that publish news concerning medical and scientific researchers.

It is because the Oncotarget provides and shares quality information to its customers in the pharmaceutical sector. It also has the highest demands from their clients and much more. Moreover, the success of Oncotarget is contributed by the fact that it has received the medical license for its operation and also received global recognition and bug itself with numerous awards and much more. Oncotarget publishes medical news such as pharmacology, endrinocology, antiaging and much more for both their clients and the patients. This helps a lot of people to live a healthy life and also gives an awareness to the physicians on the possible chronic diseases that may emerge.

Oncotarget Helps Doctors to Diagnose Patients

Science and research are intertwined in offering the best medical solutions in treatment. Historically, science has proven to be the best option in finding treatment for diseases. It offers a plethora of opportunities for both researchers and scientists to find treatment opportunities. Additionally, the platform has offered researchers, scientists and donors the chance to launch key tools in finding different treatment options for diseases. Many diseases with cancer as a good example have been destroying families by claiming lives. Cancer was a mystery for decades.


The launching of scientific tools to aid in research has significantly contributed to the understanding of the disease with many research options coming up to aid in treatment. Science has tremendously played a pivotal role in finding treatment for cancer. It is also the same scientific research that has contributed to the generation of vital, data and information via research. The same platform has launched key tools like journals, online social media platforms and workshops to find treatment. One tool that science has offered is Oncotarget, a vital, peer-reviewed, scientific journal. The journal commits to disseminating critical information on science, diseases and their treatment.


Globally, Oncotarget has been used to establish key findings in research and degenerative medicine. It specializes in establishing key details pertaining to diseases. It also shares the same details with physicians and research scientists. From campaigns to sensitization on the global drive towards acquiring a community that is disease free, Oncotarget has been useful in highlighting key effects and symptoms of certain unhealthy lifestyles. One key issue that has the journal has been highlighting lately is the use of e-cigars, something most users thought was healthier compared to normal cigars. Oncotarget featured an article that states e-cigars have a bad side effect to health. It is proven that the e-cigar damages gum tissues.


Being an open source of scientific information, Oncotarget has been instrumental in the battle against cancer. The journal is flexible at disseminating useful data concerning, cancer, diabetes, side effects of using cigarettes and many others. With the assistance of an experience editor, Oncotarget is set to expand its editorial issues because of the high, rising, demand.

Exploring The Contribution of Clay Siegall To Cancer Research


Research aimed at delivering new ways of treating cancer has been on for many years. In the past decade, many companies in the pharmaceutical industry have pumped more funds and energy into cancer research and their objective has been to come up with a reliable technology that can make cancer treatment easier and more successful. Among these companies is Seattle Genetics, a company that has proved to offer modern solutions to the development of the industry. Seattle Genetics has been funding and pursuing research to unveil new treatment methods for cancer.

Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, who also co-founded the company, Seattle Genetics has managed to release different drug pipelines like ADCETRIS, which has recorded a lot of success across the world. Most importantly, Seattle Genetics developed the ADC Technology, whose focus is discriminating cells while treating cancer to ensure only infected cells are eliminated.

The traditional radiation method of killing cancer cells does not effectively achieve this as it also kills cells that are healthy, thereby weakening the patient further. ADC will ensure patients are not exposed to the risk of losing healthy cells while receiving treatment. Seattle Genetics has also been able to invite other companies to support the development of superior drug pipelines and technologies that could help them to achieve a milestone in cancer treatment.

About Clay Siegall

Clay B. Siegall, the founder, CEO and President of Seattle Genetics, is a clinical scientist, whose passion in medicine has motivated him to invest more into cancer research and the development of treatment options that are geared towards enhancing treatment practices. His company has been sponsoring research in this field and over the past 10 years, they unveiled several products, among them the ADC Technology, which allows for better ways of treating cancer.

He also expressed satisfaction in the introduction of ADCETRIS to be part of the drug pipelines the company produces to support cancer treatment. Clay Siegall acquired a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the Maryland University and a PhD in Genetics from Washington University. Prior to launching Seattle Genetics, he served at the National Institute of Health.