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Talk Fusion and CEO Bob Reina

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company that specializes in cutting edge video technology and the means to send it. The CEO and founder of the company is a man called Bob Reina. The company is able to connect people around the globe with the latest in video technology. It is so important for people today to connect with one another in this way. The possibilities that it opens up for people are limitless. Today people can make their own videos and share them with others. What was once a dream for many people can now become a reality. Talk Fusion is now helping to make this possible, connecting the world and enhancing people’s lives and dreams. It is Bob Reina that has made this all possible.

Bob Reina the CEO of Talk Fusion is able to keep moving ahead in the field of video communication. He recognizes emerging trends in the field and is able to come up with new technology to meet those needs. Reina has over twenty years of experience in the field he is in. He has a take charge attitude that is able to move Talk Fusion forward. He is recognized as an initiator for taking action which results in better telecommunications technology for people to use the world over.

People with a personal computer or a cell phone or tablet that has a camera can video chat now. Email can be customized with many different types of templates to choose from. Video newsletters can be produced to let people know about your business. Meetings can be held between people anywhere in the world. No need for everyone to get together in the same room anymore.

Talk Fusion began in the year 2007 with a video Email service. Bob Reina has been moving the company forward since then. Today Talk Fusion can be used to help facilitate many different needs. There is now video chat services that can help out people in many ways. Live meetings and conferences can be held with the help of this technology. Various ways of marketing and video newsletters can be produced.

Organo Gold is the Healthiest Coffee to Drink

Bernardo Chua has released some very healthy coffee into the world with Organo Gold. Many people are discovering the health benefits that come with drinking this coffee. While people are generally divided on the healthiness of coffee in general. Organo Gold coffee contains a healthy ingredient called ganoderma. This solidifies the healthiness of Organo Gold coffee. Ganoderma comes from Asian countries like China and Japan. It contains a lot of healing elements in the mushroom. Organo Gold is also certified organic coffee presented by Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold with the intention of spread the ingredient ganoderma all throughout the world. One of Chua’s dreams was to make sure that every one throughout the world has the chance to experience the healing benefits of this nutrient in which he distributes with the use of his coffee. He has expanded his company to many different countries including Turkey. The home of the first coffee house. Turkish people get to experience the healing qualities that Organo Gold offers anyone who drinks the coffee.

Bernardo Chua has recently made a trip to Manila where he was awarded 5 People’s Choice awards. Bernardo has earned the awards because he presented the secret to health that Asia carries to the other countries of the world. Bernardo Chua used his creativity and his skills in marketing to bring his product to the other countries in the world. Among the countries that enjoy it the most is the Philippines. Bernardo Chua was born and raised in the Phillipines.  More on Bernie can be found through LinkedIn.

Talk Fusion in the Schools

Talk Fusion is the best video communication program that I have experienced in all of my years as a technology director. I have been able to implement this software in the Atlanta city schools, and it has become one of the best things for the teachers in our district.

As an IT director over an education department I have found that it helps to have the type of software that Talk Fusion produces because there are a lot of times where principles will not be able to leave the school. They will need to have the type of software that allows them to communicate with the superintendent and other administrative staff members without leaving their school campus. Talk Fusion has provided the type of software that allows educators to do this without ever leaving their classroom.

As someone that works in information technology I am always interested in software that is easy to use. I have a background in computer information systems, but I know that most of the people that utilize the software at the schools do not have the same technical skills. That is why I look for the software that is easy to implement and even easier for non-technical people to utilize.

Many educators in the school districts are focused on presentations. The presentation is always a big deal because this is how information is relayed to lots of teachers across the board. I have found in recent years that it has been much easier to keep the attention of the teachers when there is some type of video that is implemented in some of the slides. The principals that I work with have found that this software is perfect for the different types of presentations that they are trying to present to their staff.

After testing the Talk Fusion software in the schools I also made the decision to start utilizing this type of software in the home. It has become something that is very easy for everyone in my household to use. My daughter also uses this for her college classes when she makes presentations.

To learn more about Talk Fusion and founder, Bob Reina, visit their LinkedIn page


Charitable Michigan Entrepreneur Following Example of His Father’s Philanthropy

According to an article published on Michigan Live, the DeVos family has finally allowed organizations to discuss the gifts that they have received from the company that founded Amway. The efforts of this family that has strived to live by Judeo-Christian values should be greatly praised because they have given over $1.2 billion away. While the family has concentrated most of their giving on the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area many people around the world have benefited from the family’s generous giving. The family has given almost $600 million to education with Dick DeVos serving on the state’s board of education. The family has also given approximately $300 million to increase health and community services. Additionally, the family has given millions to local churches and in support of art and culture movements. Instrumental in the giving has been the family’s value system that is something that everyone can implement in their own lives regardless of their level of wealth. Learn more by reading this article:

One value that Dick DeVos holds very highly is a sense of brotherhood. He adores working with others to help projects come to fruition. If you study the history of Grand Rapids, you soon discover that the work of Grand Action that was the driving force behind the building of the downtown Grand Rapids area succeeded because of Dick’s ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to work together to benefit all. The result was the construction of the $220 million DeVos Place and the $30 million Downtown Market. Despite lower cost alternatives, Dick fought to have these facilities located in their present location so that other businesses could benefit from the increased traffic. Dick gives his father credit for creating this spirit of philanthropy that runs through the core of his entire family.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Dick also believes that charity must begin at home. One of the projects that Dick has been instrumental in is the construction of a school to train high school students in aviation. This not only allows those students to become trained in a high paying productive career, but along the way, the students are encouraged to become involved in other charitable activities. Learning this value early in life allows them to practice it throughout their lives.

This leader’s extraordinary leadership skills have spread throughout the world. His book, Rediscovering American Values: The Foundations of Our Freedom for the 21st Century, explains clearly that to those that great things are given, greater things are demanded. While many are content to rest when they have been given a large amount of money, that is not the case with Dick DeVos who has spent his life driving others to new heights. Learn more about Dick by connecting with him on LinkedIn or to look up news on his career, click here.