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Exploring the Incredible Career of Technology Genius, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur, technologist, author, and a philanthropist. Pulier is also a charismatic public speaker and a columnist. Over his career, he has over fifteen companies associated with his name. A quick glance at his young looks may bring out the wrong understanding. Pulier is a Harvard University graduated where he earned his BA. While in college, he studied English and American Literature, computer science and visual and environmental studies. Over the years he has accumulated a wealth of skills and experience in cloud computing, start-ups and enterprise software.


Pulier is the co-founder and CEO of ServiceMesh, Inc. Pulier has also served the vice president and Computer Sciences Corporation as well as the chairman of SOA Software. Over his entrepreneurial career; he has founded several other organizations including Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform, Us Interactive and Digital Evolution. Pulier grew up with a passion for technology and computers. At his young age, he was already programming computers and founded a database company immediately after graduating from college. With over 20 years of experience,Eric Pulier has pioneered the software industry.


Pulier has also made his name as a publisher. He wrote a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. A book that was highly rated for its relevance and easy to digest content. He has also written an article named The Enterprise Industrial Complex in the Forbes magazine in 2012.

Charitable Causes

Pulier has the community in his heart. Over the years, he has reached millions of needy souls. His way of donating is, however, unique as he uses technology to solve stubborn problems affecting the economically underprivileged communities. His donations have also reached physically impaired children across the United States and the world. One of the most notable philanthropic activities was when he created multimedia educational programs that helped children with multiple sclerosis.Pulier has also donated to XPRIZE Foundation, a charitable organization that manages and designs competitions that purpose to encourage the development of technological innovations that can help various people. As a board member of the Painted Turtle, Pulier has donated heavily to the organization. The organization accommodates children with chronic illnesses.

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Flavio Maluf Makes Environmentally Friendly His New Mission

Eucatex Group of Companies is one of the most proficient firms in Brazil. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most innovative companies in Brazil at In the recent past, the company has received numerous awards because of their keenness to conserve the environment for the future generations. According to a recent studying among businesses in the country on, Eucatex Group of Companies was ranked among one of the best companies to work in. For Eucatex Group of Companies, they engage in the production of materials which are very resourceful in all management partitions. This is a major concern in the development of different materials can be seen on

During the time the company was incepted in 1951 in Brazil, there were no laws which determined practices which should be followed to protect and conserve the environment for future generations. For this reason, Flavio Maluf decided to go to the forefront and preserve the environment through their exclusive practices. Eucatex Group of Companies has worked to satisfy the needs of numerous homes in the country with their products. As a matter of fact, the company has also started selling products for the large construction companies based in Brazil and out of the company with their high-end products.

Eucalyptus is one of the best materials used by Eucatex Group of Companies to produce their products to the world. For more than 50 years of professional experience, Eucatex Group of Companies and Flavio Maluf has worked to stay at the forefront in the Brazilian business as one of the most proficient companies. For the company, they export most of their products to other parts of the worked including Australia, Singapore, the United Sates, and the United Kingdom. They have also worked to create a better environment for the country and the future generation through the plantation of numerous trees in the country.

Eucatex Group of Companies on has always been aware of the serious threats the country can be exposed to if they failed to conserve the environment. For this reason, they chose to take a direction which would have less effect on the environment while upholding the rule of nature. This is why Eucatex Group of Companies is the best.

Rona Borre Is Changing The Chicago Tech Industry


                    Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance

Changing The Face Of Tech

The tech industry is often thought of as male dominated and elitist, but Rona Borre is doing everything she can to change that image. Through her work at Instant Alliance she helps companies in the tech and finance industries find workers from diverse background sin order to fill positions when needed. Her work isn’t the easiest work out there, but it is work that is needed and she does her job as well as she can.  Hit



How Instant Alliance Does This

The Instant Alliance is a human resources company specializing in finding the right tech workers for various in demand jobs. The hiring process is much more complicated than it seems. Looking at a resume can give you a glossary look at the qualifications of an individual, but it doesn’t tell the entire store. In order to understand everything about an individual you need to look deeper into their background. Instant Alliance looks at candidates and makes sure these are people who can work in teams and matches them with the companies that need them.  Based on


About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the CEO of Instant Alliance and a strong supporter of diversity in the workforce. Her work at Instant Alliance helps job applicants with the right qualifications find the jobs they want and fulfill those positions. She understands the tech industry is booming and there is a need to find people who can fill these positions and help the industry advance.

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Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company based in the United States. As a matter of fact, he has more than 40 years of professional experience in the world of entrepreneurship and finance. For this reason, he has founded and grown more than 40 companies. For all those companies, he has sold them at the level of multi-million corporations as a multi-lateral business. He is also a prominent entrepreneur in the line of fashion. For all his business dealings, he has developed high-end capabilities in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, business wants his days better in life and action.


Christopher Burch has also led to the rise of numerous brands in fashion and technology in the United States. Since 1976, he has been an active investor and serial entrepreneur in the line of fashion and finance. Christopher Burch is also the Founder of the Eagles Eye Apparel Company. When he was still in college, he founded the company to become one of the most innovative businesses in the United States. For this reason, he worked so hard to innovate better fashion for the people. For all he fashions the company sold, the worked to become a high-end entity in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, people end up working for different capabilities.


Christopher Burch sold the company for over $165 million he has also developed 40 other companies that have been sold at their highest level of maturity. Christopher Burch has the capability to identify the gap between implementation and innovation. For this reason, he is also an investor in the world of finance and business. This is all he needs to become a high-end capability in this industry. For all his life, he has dedicated his passion towards passion and development capabilities. As a matter of fact, no one has this in his heart to develop his capabilities.


According to Christopher Burch, fashion and technology industries are two seamless things. For all these years of development, the two industries have grown in a manner that depicts the true representation in the industry. For this reason, one can think that they are not related. However, business has it to talk to the world. Fashion has grown to capture the hearts of the truest believers. For this reason, business is the only thing that separates the best from those who are trying to become the best.


Customization For Fashion: Adam Goldenberg’s Innovative Touch

In this age where people are encouraged to be themselves, one of the best ways for people to be themselves is through fashion. This is where a wide variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories are being offered. This is made possible by Adam Goldenberg, who is very passionate about not only influence trends, but also give people the new and unique items that they enjoy. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg does the best he can to customize the experience for the individual that shops at one of his sites. One of the ways he does this is by offering a style quiz to every potential customer that visits the site of one of his brands.

Adam Goldenberg runs TechStyle which has expanded to different brands such as JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. There is a total of six different brands from the company. One of them is actually a personal stylist brand. This brand, known as P.S. is a very unique brand in that it does not require any subscription on Therefore, there is no need to skip any month. Instead, the customer is referred to a personal stylist who would pick out the clothes that the customer may like. Of course the customer has the final say in the clothes that she winds up with.

One good thing about P.S. is that it is like having a tailor. The customer on will have an easier time knowing what style suits her best. At the same time, she is given a lot of room to be creative and come up with her own outfits that will satisfy her. One of the best things about P.S. is that it shows the customer that she will look good in more outfits than she probably realizes. It enables them to expand their horizons in order to continue to impress themselves and others.

The way P.S. works is like having a personal fitting room. The stylist will pick out 5 to 8 items and send them to the customer. The customer tries on the items and decides on whether or not she wants them. If she wants the items, then she will pay for them. This makes for an experience that is very unique.


Dick & Betsy DeVos’ Astronomical Generosity & Giving

Dick and Betsy DeVos has contributed significantly to Republicans and school choice causes. Many of these donations attracted much attention and criticism, but the amount of donations for these causes don’t compared to their different donations amounting to approximately $139 million over their whole lifetimes.


In 2015, this couple gave $11.6 million to various charitable causes, according to their foundation website. Rich DeVos, Dick DeVos’ father, along with his four adult children donated $104 million in 2015 which landed them in the 24th place on Forbes ”

America’s Top Givers”. Dick and Betsy DeVos’s foundation donated more than $3 million to educational causes in 2015. Other than that, their foundation donated $357,000 to groups supporting education reform. After education, this couple’s main donations go towards Arts & Culture. They donated more than $2.4 million for Arts & Culture charitable giving. They believe that high quality arts management is detrimental for the globally diverse arts community’s future. Other than that, the rest of the donations are distributed accordingly: 13% or $1.5 million to leadership and development, 12% or $1.3 million to public policy, 5% or $618,000 to health and human services, and 4% or $488,250 to churches.


Dick DeVos’ Work History


Dick DeVos’ work history is just as amazing as his giving back. He worked in various executive positions for Amway, The Windquest Group, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic. He is currently the president for The Windquest Group. From 1993 to 2002, he was the president of Amway, in which this company amounted in sales of $4.5 billion in his final fiscal year. Before that role, he was the vice president of that company. And in 1991, he was the CEO and president for Orlando Magic upon his family’s acquisition of this company. He held these roles for Orlando Magic for three years. In addition to these business ventures, he became a leader for a plethora of community initiatives, such as the launching of the Education Freedom fund which gave over 4,000 scholarships to Michigan’s children, serving on the State Board of Education, and serving as the co-chairman/ chairman for the regional health care improvements, just to name a few.


Ferry Deal Angers Bruce Levenson

The former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entrepreneurship LLC’s (AHBE) ownership has sued New Hampshire Insurance Company for contract breach. The breach involves the settlement of the former manager’s, Danny Ferry, claims. The current team led by entrepreneur Tony Ressler is not the initiator of the lawsuit.

The Dispute

The insurance is accused of bad faith and of breaching their contract. In the lawsuit, AHBE asserts that losses related to employment like wrongful termination were covered by the insurance. AHBE further submits that it had notified the insurance, AIG, that the claims made by Ferry were valid.

Hawks, in early June 2015, made a decision to buy out former manager Danny Ferry. The buyout amount was undisclosed. The buyout meant that the 3 year relationship they had was going to be terminated. A short while after the termination, reports that the Hawks was sold to the Tony Ressler led group.

Activated Policy

The lawsuit faults AIG for failing to acknowledge that the claim made by Danny triggered the policy. Although the present leadership has steered clear of this controversy, AHBE’s previous team is dismayed by AIG’s failure to participate in the claims talk with Ferry’s lawyer or to acknowledge that the cover exists.

AIG, according to the suit, has acted in bad faith in refusing to pay Ferry and hence this claim has been presented before the court for determination. Through legal counsel, AHBE has pointed out that the claim made by their clients is not difficult to see as it is crystal clear. AHBE is represented by James J. Leonard & Thornburg LLP.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman and father of three. He married to Karen. Bruce, the 67 years old man, once owned and managed a basketball team in the NBA. He is a generous philanthropist. Bruce studied law at the American University. He is affiliated to United Communications Group, Inc., American University, Tech Target Inc. and BIA Digital Patners II, L.P.

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Mike Baur Helps Clients Develop their Business Ideas

Mike Baur has done something interesting for people that want to start their own businesses. He has created the Swiss Startup Factory, and this has proven to be quite a successful venture. It is good to have this type of company in place because it helps entrepreneurs capitalize on the ideas that they want to bring to the mainstream.


The great thing about Mike Baur is that he has a team in place to help him assist entrepreneurs in different areas. There are coaches that are available through the Swiss Startup Factory that can help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. There are people in place that can help entrepreneurs brainstorm. All of these are important things that entrepreneurs need to be able to do in order to cultivate the business. The 360 Services are getting a lot of accolades. This is where people get access to a variation of programs that are based on their needs. There are programs like the pre-accelerator program that give people a feel for how they can better nurture their talents. There are other programs like co-working spaces that give people the chance to work with other like-minded entrepreneurs. This will definitely give your business a better chance to grow.


Mike Baur is able to do these things because he has been in the shoes of the venture capitalist. Baur has also looked for funding from venture capitalists when he was an entrepreneur. As someone that has worked on both sides of the fence he knows exactly what it takes for entrepreneurs to acquire the funding that they seek. He knows about the strategies that work, and he is aware of the ones that do not work so well. That is why he has received the accolades that he has gotten with this Swiss Startup Factory. He has established himself as an authority on helping businesses grow, and he has a portfolio to prove it.


Mike Baur is good at what he does, and he has recruited a team of professionals that have the experience that is needed to help clients. This may be the difference between the Swiss Startup Factory and other entrepreneurial development companies. This company has an entire team of professionals that are well-groomed in building businesses from the ground up. This can make a huge difference. Mike Baur knew that he could help clients better by surrounding himself a with seasoned team.



Josh Verne’s Tips on how to achieve success in life and business

Be a leader, rather than a boss

A business person may fall in either of two categories – a boss, or a leader. A boss relies on his title to realize his goals, demands respect and always pursues his best interests. On the other hand, a leader earns, instead of demanding respect. He puts the needs of his people before his. He relies on the respect he has earned to achieve the set goals he sets together with his team. Anyone who wishes to succeed in both business and life must aspire to become a leader. Don’t impose your will on others, and most importantly, earn their respect.


Speak less, and listen more

The point is as straightforward as it reads. There is a reason you have two ears and one mouth. Speaking less adds power to your words. Speaking less makes you sound authoritative. Furthermore, people will always be willing to listen to you whenever you have something to say.


Always look forward to win-win outcomes

Truly successful people never agree to a win-lose deal. Always aim for a win-win outcome for your employees, clients, and everybody else in the society. Irrespective of how hopeless a situation appears, there is always a way to create a win for every party. This principle will go a long way in skyrocketing your business, your reputation, and your team in a manner that compares to none.


Aim to strike a balance in life

Leading a successful life is dependent on how well you can strike a balance. Make sure that your family, your finances, your health and your home life are in order. Balance entails witnessing progress in all the areas of your life. It is about seeking improvement in all the aspects of your life on a daily basis.


Discover your passion

Anyone who wants to succeed must establish what their passion is. Discover that one thing that that gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and work hard. It should be something that excites you – something that makes you want to skip parties, a reason to work late in the night or wake up early.


About Josh Verne

He is an American entrepreneur and businessman with over 20 years experience in establishing, growing and selling businesses. Together with his childhood best friend Jon Dorfman, Verne cofounded in 2012, an online based company that deducts purchases from the payroll. The firm was then sold to Global Analytics Holdings two years later. In 2016, Josh Verne founded where he serves as the CEO. The Pennsylvania-based company provides peer to peer content exchange among the college students.




Financial titan George Soros helping misplaced refugees

George Soros is one of the most powerful financial titans in the Democratic party. One of the many issues close to him is the migrant refugees stuck in the United States of America. Recently Soros has begun funneling $500 million into migrant and refugee founded businesses. He is hoping other financial investors will do the same. He wrote an op-ed emphasizing that nations are failing to see the whole picture when greater integration is allowed.

George Soros points out the country has failed to develop and implement policies to handle the sudden increased flow of migrants and refugees, leading to great political instability, both in the countries that host them as well as the countries they are from. Soros agrees that government should play a large part in creating and providing adequate infrastructure, but also the private sector should have a hand in this as well. George Soros made this announcement during a United Nations summit.

George Soros decision to invest $500 million on opportunities that address the needs of migrants, refugees, and the countries migrants relocate to, comes after President Obama’s administration called for major U.S. companies to play a bigger role in the current refugee crisis. Soros will now invest in established companies, startups, and social initiatives started by migrants and refugees, all by themselves.

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Wake up, Europe
George Soros rises again

George Soros says his new nonprofit-owned investments will complement his group’s contributions that cover various industries, including emerging technology. George Soros believes his new project will allow displaced people gain access more quickly to government, legal, financial and health services. Private businesses have already invested billions to develop services for non-refugee communities.

Soros believes the private sector can play a major role helping those displaced migrants and refugees who are desperate for work. Soros will be working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee. Soros’ goal for this project is to harness for the migrant and refugee community, the the advancements that are specialized within the private sector.

George Soros’ foundation “The Open Society” will be in charge of the funds, any profits made will go to the foundation’s migrant and refugee programs, which even include community centers in Greece and initiatives to help Syrian refugees. Soros has previously sent gifts to organizations that support immigrants including the Migration Policy Institute and the National Immigration Law Center, as well as super PAC’s that work towards mobilizing voters within minority communities.

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