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Why WEN By Chaz Might Interest You

You’ve probably seen many commercials about hair conditioners that seem to put the perfect touch on hair that can make it smooth, wavy and shiny. While there are some tremendous choices out there you shouldn’t ignore, not all conditioners get the job done right. Some conditioners are good for some hair, while others may be more preferable for other types of hair. There is one conditioner you may want to try if you really want hair that does what you want and doesn’t make a mess everywhere. It’s not simply the actors on commercial that recommend this brand, WEN by Chaz, even a user at tried it out and had some good things to say about it.

WEN Hair by Chaz is meant to be for hair that gets messy real easily and lacks that feeling of thickness and fullness. This product line comes with different choices and scents, depending on what your preference is, and you can buy individual shampoo or conditioner bottles, or buy a whole kit. When you apply this conditioner to your hair in the shower, you’ll start to feel it have more thickness and users have said it hasn’t left as many strands of hair on the shower floor. Now, how often you have to use this conditioner may depend on your hair type, and your daily routine. But more users than not have reported that it left their hair feeling softer, smoother, and even shinier.

WEN by Chaz was started by Chaz Dean (, a photographer who loved capturing people’s figures, but especially had a love for beautiful hair. So he started up his own brand of shampoo, conditioners and other products and that’s how the WEN by Chaz product was born. He even owns a salon in Hollywood and many celebrities come there to get their hair done. His products have been advertised on QVC, and you can buy them online or at select retailers like eBay, Sephora and Guthy-Renker.


Bustle Writer Takes On Wen By Chaz To See Just How Effective It Really Is

Wen Hair is a special line of hair care products developed by Chaz Dean as a worthy alternative to a salon. The hair care products is made up of healthy and natural ingredients that bring out the shine and volume in hair. A regular treatment program with Wen can keep the hair strong and healthy with the use of other styling products as well.

Wen Hair was created with a 5 in 1 formula that can take the place of most traditional shampoos and conditioners as well as entangles and overnight conditioners. Free of all sulfates, Wen cleanses the hair of all harsh chemicals that come with many other products and typical shampoos out there. Emily McClure, a writer for Bustle magazine, decided to put the hype to the test and put up her review on Bustle.

Emily noticed results relatively quickly when she started using the product, and she even noticed that it was working without using as much as was recommended, because she was afraid of what the product might do based on her past experiences. Within just a few short days, she stated her hair was feeling fuller and she noticed less hair fall while taking showers. Emily has oily and fine hair herself, so she was nervous about the effects the rich textured conditioner could have on her hair. To her delight and confirm the positive hype around the product, it worked better than she could have expected.

The product is Sephora available and can be purchased online via Amazon too. It can be used with other styling products as well to keep the hair healthy and looking luxurious. It is used much like any other traditional shampoo or conditioner and includes a guide for recommended amounts based on hair type and length. Read more about Wen here:

Wengie Sephora Makeup Vlog Recap

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie, she shows off her haul of makeup from Sephora that weighs twenty-two pounds, along with the rest of her day.

First she talks about how the video will follow her at a Sephora product launch event. She also talks about how her cat is acting cute that day. When she gets to the event, it is raining so she has to walk two blocks in the rain to get to the place. Wengie notes that it is cold and that she isn’t dressed for the weather. Then she shows footage of the event, stopping to discuss the new products she is most excited to try. She shows off her huge gift bag that she has trouble carrying to the car because it is so full.

When she gets home, Wengie snuggles her cats and her boyfriend. She talks about how she was nervous for the Sephora event because of her social anxiety and she didn’t know anyone. She says she got through it by going through the booths and talking to the salespeople. She notes that her gift bag broke and shattered one of her items that she was excited to try. She and her boyfriend try to take her suitcase to their car to get her broken bag of Sephora stuff but their cat is playful and refuses to get out of the suitcase. Then she and her boyfriend decide to go out for dinner because neither of them had eaten that day. After dinner they park and film the city view. The video ends with more footage of their cat playing.
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