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Sanjay Shah – Two New Trustees Added to the Board

Autism Rocks according to Global is a donation fundraiser based out of Central London that focuses on raising money for awareness and research for the condition. Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of the fundraiser and has reported by The Sunday Times recently added two new members to the board of trustees. Pete and Will Best will be entering the Autism Rocks charity event soon to aid in the benefits and bring much of their expertise to the charity event. Shah is excited to have them on board because he feels they will bring exceptional experience and add an immense amount of value to the cause. He has known them for quite some time, as they were friends during his college days at the university. Shah is also the founder of firm Solo Capital.
Autism Rocks was launched in 2014 after much anticipation on Shah’s behalf. He knew that he wanted to help with the condition somehow, but didn’t know exactly how. Snoop Dogg happened to be in his area one day, and stopped by at his home in Dubai. They started visiting about the condition and Snoop Dogg began to urge Shah to get back into the music industry. He eventually was able to enter agreements with famous music artists by staging concerts with them all over the world. The concerts were a private invite only and were solely to help raise money for Autism Rocks. He gained his passion for autism after his youngest son was diagnosed in 2011. He wanted to do everything in his power to help him and make it better, but there is no fix for autism. Starting the fundraiser was the next best thing.

Pete brings over 21 years of finance experience to the table for Autism Rocks. He will aid in the funding decisions, as well as many other areas of the spectrum for Autism Rocks. Will started his career in the music industry, so he has a lot of experience handling the artist side. The two together will bring a variety to the structure and aid in all of the processes such as funds, benefits, concerts and management.

Before Shah launched Autism Rocks, he was the CEO, owner and founder of a brokerage company called Solo Capital. He had years of experience in the accounting side of business and eventually grew tired of the everyday grind so he launched his own business that grew to make him millions. Nobody on Linked In could anticipate the growth that would happen, but after five years of business Solo Capital had a net worth of $280 million. Shah was able to retire early and focus his efforts on his family and Autism Rocks. He hopes that the foundation of donations will help raise enough money to aid in research as well as keep the communities informed of the symptoms and conditions.