What Christopher Linkas Learned After Graduating College During a Recession

When Christopher Linkas offers financial advice to new college graduates he knows whereof he speaks. In 1991 Christopher had just completed his schooling at Bowdoin College in Maine.


It was after graduation that his education would begin in earnest. That year the savings and loan crisis had just knocked the bottom out of the economy triggering a recession. It was not a good time to be just starting out in the world.


Recently, Christopher Linkas offered some financial guidance to ease the newly graduated’s transition into the real world. Monetarily that is.


Financing your education through student loans means that on average undergraduate students start out in life $30,000 in debt. Go for an advanced degree and that number nearly triples.


Christopher Linkas suggests advancing your education at a public rather than a private university. When looking for work having the name of a prestigious school on your degree doesn’t offer enough of an advantage to warrant the higher tuition.


Learn to manage money. Christopher Linkas advocates what we will call the “One-Quarter Rule”. Set 25% of your take-home pay aside for rent. In equal amounts, the remaining 75% will be split between food/entertainment and savings. The 25% that is left is walking around money.


Learn how to invest. Planning wisely for the future provides a safety net against life’s uncertainties and investments are the webbing in that net.


Not planning for the future could mean working your entire life because you can’t afford to retire. Fifty dollars a month could go a along way towards securing your financial future. If you have qualms about investing Christopher Linkas suggests putting your money in index or targeted retirement funds. These funds minimize risk and guarantee a return.


A financial expert Linkas began his working life with a consulting firm. From there, he would earn his living in the field of credit and investment. Next, he successfully headed a credit and real estate firm.


In 2012 Linkas took charge of a European Credit Team in London. Principle investments of an opportunistic nature are the focus of Christopher Linkas’ team.