The Simple Jorge Moll In The Sophisticated World of Research

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” thee are words once spoken by the greatest artist the world had ever seen Da Vinci and are the words that guide one doctor by the name Jorge Moll. The words look weird especially coming from a man that has his eyes set on Artificial intelligence and cognitive system. However, listening to his latest interview it is pretty understandable the connection he sees between simplicity and sophistication.

The sophistication that comes with research, especially in things like Artificial Intelligence, is unimaginable but Jorge Moll brings the simplicity in it. As he stated in his previous interview, the choice of the simplest idea that can be put into an action plan is his preferred model of execution. He faces numerous challenges especially with the Nonprofit organization he runs. However, Jorge Moll goal is to make the sophistication in research be simple enough to be used by doctors to treat patients all around the world.

The simple man is one that has sophisticated academic credentials. Jorge Moll received his medical degree in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He later furthered his academic expertise in the city of Sao Paulo, where he got his Doctorate from the Sao Paulo University. His doctorate was in Experimental Pathophysiology. His life as an entrepreneur and researcher is also vast.

He currently sits on several boards. Jorge Moll is the Founder and president of D’or Institute of Research and Education. The institute is a non-profit organization that deals with research in different fields. Jorge Moll is also the director of the cognitive and behavioral neuroscience and Neuroinformatics workgroup.

Jorge life and line of business might seem sophisticated but maintains a simple life of family and work. Always taking care of his business. In fact in his last interview when asked how he would spend a 100 dollars, he showed his two sides of his life. He revealed that he will buy toys for his children or pay for the domain of his new domain for the new NGO he intends to start.

Jorge Moll is a man with a simple philosophy of moving on when it does not work and this is one of the reasons for his success in his sophisticated world of research.