Lee May Beamridge Is A Community Star

Lee May Beamridge, of Beamridge Ltd, is a man who’s very passionate about developing private property. He takes part in building residential sites of up to thirty units in the city of London, as well as outside of the city. The man considers himself very fortunate to be apart of not just Beamridge Ltd, but a slew of other successful businesses as well. He’s also a very outgoing person who’s always looking to meet individuals that’ll help him progress in the industries he’s involved in.


Among the many businesses he’s apart of, Lee is involved with a company named after the man himself. Lee May Beamridge, the company, was founded in 2013 by a group of Directors with an abundance of construction experience; in fact, the experience of the group astonishingly surpasses 100 years! Along with this experience, the organization is very proud regarding it’s deliverance of ingenuity and innovation to the construction industry, while simultaneously maintaining the greatest standards of Quality and Safety in the industry. The company also boasts achieving ISO accreditations 18001, 14001, 9001, Safecontractor, CQMS, and Chas.


Recently, it was announced that Lee will partake in a sponsored 10k run, which is to help the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club purchase a mini bus. All of the funds received from the run will be given to the Club to enable them to continue the work they do.


Lee May Beamridge, the organization, is proud to be a sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The company looks forward to helping the Club improve all aspects of their training. Also, the business is excited to help give the greatest opportunities for the club’s young boxers to positively compete in domestic and European tournaments.


Apart from boxing, the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club contributes to the growth of young people, who benefit from the strong values of the club.


Lee is fan of boxing, and takes great pride in being a sponsor of Nemesis ABC. His goal is to raise £20K. Any amount given would be appreciated by both Lee himself and the club as a whole.

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