IC Systems Guiding Principles

IC Systems is an accounts receivable company that was founded eighty (80) years ago by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company’s headquarters are based in Minnesota. Since its formation the company’s purpose has been improving the financial outcomes for patients. In achieving this purpose, the ethics and honest are the key pillars of this company. It is built on core values which include treating all people with dignity and respect and serving patients the right way. Also, the company delivers results that exceed expectations and always finds better ways of doing things through innovation. IC Systems also recognizes their employees and quarterly awards those who exhibit exemplary performance.

The company also cares about the community and gives back to society wherever possible. The company has a charity wing which investigates and makes decisions on how funds donated by the IC Systems are distributed.

IC Systems is a company which maintains compliance Systems such as auditing, documentation and training. The company carried out internal audit in each department. Whereas other accounts receivable companies just follow the bare minimum when it comes to regulations, IC Systems ensures that it complies with the latest regulatory measures.

In matters security, IC Systems embraces auditing by a third party security specialist. This assures the patients that their data is secure from access and misuse by anybody. Additionally, the company is also licensed to operate in all the 50 states making it more convenient.

IC Systems is committed to achieving their goals and this is displayed by how they carry out their operations. Ethical and honesty treatment to all patients being the guiding principles, the company accepts nothing but highest level of behavior from the staff. All the employees are thoroughly trained on how to handle patients in an ethical and honesty manner. This helps in maintaining a good relationship between the patients and the staff.