How Perry Mandera Impacts Lives at the Mercy Home

Perry Mandera is a big name in the business sector all over the world. He is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies Inc. This company is 30 years old. Business aside, Perry has also built a name through his philanthropic deeds. One noticeable one was his work with the Mercy Home.


He is not new to giving back. This is because of his history of service in the armed forces. His life has many acts of generosity and it is this that led to the creation of Custom Cares. It is an arm of the Custom Companies Inc. that deals with charity.


This arm has seen him support major life causes. Perry has worked with organizations whose goals are serving the needs of veterans. He has also worked with those organizations that aim at eradicating cancer. Perry’s most notable pursuits are his willingness to support needy children.


The Mercy Home’s establishment was in 1887. It works to reduce neglect and abuse directed at children. Since 1887, this organization has helped over 30,000 children. It has done this through mentoring programs, youth residential and aftercare.


How Perry Mandera helps


He helps the Mercy Home carry out its missions through Custom Cares. Recently, through a gardening project at the home, he promoted a sustainability initiative. The project had many objectives. They included reducing the carbon print in the community. It also aimed at educating the residents at the home on practices that are responsible.


Through resources from Custom Companies Inc, Perry has assisted with transportation. Mandera works with The Walter Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. Through his commitment to them, he provided transportation to needy children in Chicago. He also donated 6,500 winter coats to them.


Through his company, he has provided transportation for natural disaster victims. An example is during the tornado at Washington in 2013.


Custom Cares has sponsored hundreds of youth sports teams in Chicago. It also comes to the aid of abused young adults by offering them financial support in schools.

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