Graham Edwards Leads the Pack with his Collaborative Approach

Telereal Trillium, a largely successful property company, is a classic example of how teamwork can impact an industry. Graham Edwards, its CEO, strongly believes that no person can achieve much success on their own.


The company boasts of assets that are valued at £6 billion. Its holdings which are estimated to cover more than 86 million square feet cater for numerous businesses and families.


It was birthed when the Trillium and Telereal firms joined hands nine years ago. Graham Edwards, who was the chief executive of Telereal at the time, was the brain behind the merger. The Pears family had set up the firm back in 2001 after striking a deal with Land Securities Trillium. They robustly sought for partnerships and were able to bring on board BT Group Plc. This enabled Telereal to add to its assets property worth £2.38 billion.


Graham Edwards was the first CEO of the firm and worked closely with his fellow executives to achieve their goals. The economics major alumnus of Cambridge University had a great wealth of experience prior to this appointment. He had headed the finance department of the BT Plc property wing and had also served at Merrill Lynch as a fund manager.


Being modest as he is Graham Edwards attributes the success he has achieved to the many players in the property industry. He mentioned Ian Ellis, who was at the helm of Trillium, as one of the major contributors to the establishment of Telereal Trillium. Ellis had had a five-year stint at Telereal before joining Trillium.


During their time together they influenced how business was done and established the firm’s culture. They kept in touch when Ellis left and their friendship played a big role in the merger negotiations.


The firm has since grown its revenues to more than £1 billion annually courtesy of the collaborations and partnerships formed over the years. Rather than doing it all Graham Edwards has made a habit of trusting his team with different responsibilities. He has also consistently reached out to other market players to increase his firm’s productivity.


Their collaborative approach will continue to yield great results and their clients should expect better services in the years to come.