Dr. Dov Rand puts his patients on the right track to reverse aging

Aging is one of the few health problems that preventive medicine cannot fix. All sorts of remedies, exercises and diets have been explored to help fix this problem, with no avail. To many people, aging and the declining Health that comes along with it is as inevitable as death and taxes. However, we can now rejoice because Dr. Dov Rand, a New York-based aging doctor has figured out what to do to help people with this inevitable problem.


With his over 15 years of experience treating patients with ageing related illnesses Dr. Dov Rand has a lot of experience in determining what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to treating his patients. In fact, his experience has allowed him to design very effective programs that help address the issues that aging can bring. When people walk into his Healthy Aging Medical Center, they are given a variety of options to choose from to deal with their aging-related illnesses. When a patient goes through Dr. Rand’s aging treatment program, their hormone levels and body fat levels are tracked throughout the duration in order to determine the progress of the patient. Rand really likes using hormone therapy to help his patients because according to him, an imbalance in hormones is what causes the deteriorative effects of aging such as weight gain and a loss of mobility. Along with hormone therapy, Dr. Rand also likes to include physical therapy and nutrition services to help his patients/


When a patient walks into the Healthy Aging Medical Center, Dr. Rand likes to start by consulting his patients on their options. He tells them which of these programs will be the best suited for the particular needs and desires of that patient. For instance, his dietary program mixes low calorie eating with a diet meant to increase HGH, or human growth hormone in the body. Once the patient sees the weight loss from this diet, they will then be more confident and more optimistic about the rest of the treatments. This program is not meant to be in quick fix. It is designed to help the patient over a long time.