Hussain Sajwani: World Class Businessman

Hussain sajwani was born in 1953, to middle class family. He had passion for knowledge at early age and this may be one of the reason he worked diligently to seek knowledge. He got his undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and economics in university of Washington in a sponsorship programme where few got the chance. Sajwani zeal for knowledge was evident when he joined the medical college in Baghdad. However he did not complete due to undisclosed reasons.
His Career History To The Current Position In DAMAC
His skills in entrepreneur, leadership and real estate development accompanied by his diligence saw him progress from catering business to becoming the billionaire worth property developer. He has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years where he started with catering venture, which later on expanded and is now a renowned business entity; Global Logistics Services. About property market expansion, Mr. Sajwani is one of those who broke the new ground in Dubai.
Hussain Sajwani is currently a property developer and founder of DAMAC properties, a Global property development company based in Dubai, U A E.
Properties And Businesses That Sajwani Has Worked With.
Hussain Sajwani identified the niche in the high influx of people coming to the emirate to transact business and he thus established the hotel to accommodate them.
He established DAMAC properties in 2002 which grew to the level of employing nearly 2000 employees. DAMAC properties has amazingly delivered 16800 addition it is considered as one of the best in luxury property development market. DAMAC shares has consistently done well in Dubai financial markets. He still currently holds the CEO position in DAMAC properties.


Hussain Sajwani Relationship With Donald Trump


Hussain sajwani has collaborated with Donald trump, who is also a real estate titan, on such projects as The Trump International Golf Club. The relationship between the two go beyond the business, they happen to be family friends who visits each other regularly. Sajwani has confirmed that their children are friends.
Mr. Sajwani As Philanthropist.
He contributed two millions towards Ramadan initiative. This initiative is determined to see approximately million children all over the world clothed in clothing project campaign. Mr. Sajwani contribution will see about 50000 children get clothes provided to them.