How Sheldon Lavin steered OSI Group to the Top

When Otto Kolchoswky started a butcher shop in Chicago in 1909, he did not imagine the heights it would achieve a century later. The OSI group has weathered many storms to attain and keep its spot as a leading food processing company in the world. Started as Otto and Sons, it has grown to have more than 65 branches in different areas around the world. Sheldon Lavin,the chief executive of the company, has overseen much of this growth.Sheldon Lavin continues to use well laid out market-based methods to grow the firm that has recently made a lot of acquisitions. Sustainability and food safety have been at the top of Sheldon Lavin’s agenda while at the helm of the company. He has also put in considerable effort to ensure that the company’s activities are environmentally friendly.

Global expansion

McDonald’s presented the firm with the first real opportunity for growth. They made them their first hamburger supplier in 1955. A few years later, a special plant was established to serve purpose. Sheldon Lavin joined the two sons of Kolchoswky as a financial consultant in 1975 and helped them grow into a global player. As it expanded its base and grew in production the firm was rebranded to OSI group.

OSI group built plants in Brazil, Austria and Germany in the 1980’s before doing the same in Mexico and the Philippines in the next decade. The poultry industry became OSI group’s point of focus with the dawn of the new millenium. The same period saw the group purchase a number of firms in different continents. All this was done to meet the growing demand of target market. They made inroads in the beef and pork industries of different countries and established plants to manufacture chicken products.

In 2014, Sheldon Lavin found a way for OSI Group into the UK beef industry through a partnership with Pickstock. He also joined hands with EDEKA, a supermarket chain, and Alberta to exploit the German and Canadian markets respectively. OSI Group added quick snacks and deli meats to its list of products in Netherlands when it acquired Baho Foods that operates in the country.

Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin’s exploits at OSI Group were recognised by India’s Vision World Academy in 2016 when they bestowed him with the Global Visionary Award. The award is reserved for global leaders who transform their dreams into realities that influence society in a great way. The former banker earned the accolade through sheer determination and great patience that he had demonstrated over the years.

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