An Insight on Why Randal Nardone Acceded to SoftBank’s Acquisition

Fortress has been sold to SoftBank for $3.3 billion in cash, which is $8.08 per share. The procurement will provide Fortress new opportunities for development now that is a part of one of the world’s best technology investors. Lately, Masayoshi Son bared more than $100 billion Vision Fund of SoftBank that generated investment from large corporations such as Apple to generate what he considers will be an industry-altering technology ventures.



Fortress likewise manages and additional $7.1 billion private equity funds, and 1$18.3 billion alternative credit investments in its affiliation with the Mount Kellet Management, this also includes $33.4 billion of conventional fix income via the Logan Circle Division. Fortress Investment Group at one point in time had a main macro hedge fund investor owing to its Fortress Macro Fund; however, that business was made into an associated platform named Graticule Asset Management where the assets are only at $4.2 billion.



According to Masayoshi Son, the excellent track record of the Fortress Investment Group led by Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and West Edens proves its success in the industry, and SoftBank is looking forward in benefitting from its top-tier investment platform, wide range of specialization, and excellent leadership. He adds that this is a great opportunity for SoftBank to grow its group capacity. And along with the establishment of the SoftBank Vision Fund program will similarly hasten SoftBank’s 2.0 evolution strategy in terms of world class implementation, bold and disciplined investment to propel a longstanding growth.



Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, and Principal of the Fortress Investment Group. He has been with Fortress ever since it was founded in 1998. Randal Nardone’s vision when he helped establish Fortress was to help others by giving them the opportunity to have a better future. Fortress prospered because of his active participation in the management of the company along with the help of his co-founders. And he wanted to ensure that people comprehended the fact that he was working as hard as the others to make the company successful for everyone.



So, when SoftBank proposed acquisition, Randal Nardone consented due to the fact that it would open up new opportunities for fortress, and would help them have a parent company that would relieve the pressures of managing a business all on their own.