Environmental Safety And Operations Research Are Equally Important To Giant OSI Industries

OSI industries is a company that stands above the rest. This food production and distribution company is now dominating the scene in providing companies with their products they sell for meals. OSI has acquired both the knowledge, leadership, skills, and now other companies to join them in the growth of their food empire. One of the big name groups OSI has acquired is Baho Food.

In 2016 OSI finally received majority portion of control in the company Baho Food. Baho Food is privately owned by the Dutch and currently is a manufacturer for meat products and other items that are sold in the retail sector. Baho had been growing quite a name for themselves in the retail food service industry operating different sites across Germany and the Netherlands. Alongside their main sites Baho controlled an additional few smaller sites to aid in dispensing product. Products from Baho Food are the culmination of over 60 years of service to customers in many European countries. Providing them with meats, snack foods, and quick and easy meals. OSI industries acquiring this company exponentially deepens their reach within Europe. OSI had the strength to process tons of food. Baho has the ideas and recipes that already have had the interests of clients for decades. This will position both companies for success long term.

Being able to meet the needs of their clients Has always been the goal. OSI group has decided to take Baho group because they believe they can better service customers. This is nothing new for OSI group, they are always looking for ways to do better. OSI group was awarded the Globe of Honour Award in 2016 for their efforts in environment safety procedures. OSI group had the vision and goal to make sure their sites production was eco friendly. Doing so diminished the effects of industrial pollution on the world. OSI operates in so many countries across the world. Having the tools and factories set up in such a way would reduce pollution drastically. Also being such a giant company would hopefully set the example for others to follow suit. British Safety Council award them the honor because they saw that operating efficiently and environmental safety were given equal important.

Some companies want to make a dollar on the detriment of our world. OSI group is not one of them. Partnering with other companies to expand their positive work across the globe.

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