Shiraz Boghani And Volunteer Assistance

Shiraz Boghani is equipped with leadership positions both with Sussex Health Care and the Splendid Hotels Group located in the United Kingdom. He’s the latter company’s Chairman at the moment. He lives and works in bustling London in England.

The Asian Business Awards of 2016 were a momentous occasion for Boghani. That’s because the awards ceremony gave him a pleasant distinction. That was the award for the Hotelier of the Year. Few hoteliers get that title. Boghani runs and owns a good number of trading hotels within the United Kingdom. He’s at the helm of close to 20 of them total. He’s worked in the sizable hospitality division in the United Kingdom for three decades. Boghani is a presence in hospitality that’s familiar to many throughout the United Kingdom. He has another side to him, too. He secured chartered accountant certification in the nation many years ago.

Shiraz Boghani is someone who appreciates the world of entrepreneurship. Handling entrepreneurial tasks is something that catches his interest frequently. He’s particularly keen on the hotel world. He puts a lot of attention onto topics that combine hospitality and starting new businesses.


He has expansive knowledge that pertains to hotels that are part of the limited services brand category. He was actually at the forefront of that wave a couple of decades ago. There weren’t many other hoteliers in the United Kingdom at that time who handled anything that revolved around limited services offerings.

Shiraz Boghani has kept himself extremely occupied as of late. There’s honestly never a dull moment for this tireless hospitality aficionado in England. He not long ago established an effort in conjunction with the Hilton London Bankside on Great Suffolk Street in London. Lovely Bankside is going to be the location of this chic mission in the vast city. He’s going to work on a number of extra hotels that will be in the flagship category as well. These are the Conrad London St. James, the Grand Hotel and Spa in York and even Leeds’ the New Ellington. Boghani is a person who has a big devotion to charitable matters in the United Kingdom. He helps a registered organization that’s known as the Aga Khan Foundation. He also likes to do anything and everything he can to assist Aga Khan Development’s international activities. Shiraz Boghani works all of the time. When he’s not working, he concentrates on volunteer assistance.