Global Food Industry- OSI Industry

It can be named among the ancient companies which still exist and are doing well in the market. Otto & Sons was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky an immigrant from German. Two years after his stay in the United States of America he set up the family business in Oak Park, Illinois. Mr. Otto was committed to making it big in the food processing industry and within a short period of time, he expanded the business opening another branch in Maywood, Illinois. The firm was named Otto& Sons in 1928. In 1970 Otto&Sons was going through a financial crisis and with the help of Sheldon Lavin who is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, they were able to get the required financial assistance.

In 1975 Otto& Sons changed their name to OSI Industries and even further expanded their portfolio to other continents and nations including Southern America, Asia, Taiwan, Northern America, South Africa, and Europe. The firm has continued to flourish with them opening other markets as well as purchasing other top food companies in the world. OSI Industries launched a new factory in China which will mainly be dealing with the processing of poultry meat. The factory is considered to be the largest in the country. Another big step is the acquisition of Baho Food which is a Dutch food firm that mainly manufactures deli meat, and snacks. The purchase of Baho Food opens another market for OSI Industries. Baho is not the only organization bought by the international food company, instead, they have also purchased Tyson Food Plant and Flagship Europe opening larger in the United Kingdom.

OSI Industries has been at the forefront of manufacturing not only quality food but also ensuring that they observe food security as well as environmental safety. Recently the firm was awarded the Globe Honor Awards by the British Safety Council for their efforts to make the environment safe during their operations. They were recognized in February 2016. OSI Industries have expanded their market and now have their operations in over 17 countries across the world, and have employed more than 20000 employees. The success of OSI does not come without an experienced leadership and strong values. OSI Industries trust that their partners and their clients come first. With the strong connection they have been able to conquer the food industry and they have been recognized as the top food industry. OSI Industry is led by David McDonald who is the President and the Chief Operating Officer.

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