Philanthropic Work Of Anthony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the Nabors Industry Limited for six years. Mr. Tony attended Yale University and Harvard Law School. He is dedicated person that likes giving back to the community through the philanthropic works that he does to help others.

Moreover, Tony Petrello was able to host the Broadway star celebrity Tommy Tune in his own house where this celebrity was coming back to Houston his hometown. Tony took the initiative to organize the welcoming party that was colorful and memorable that signified a warm welcoming. The party was flooded with numerous people that came to welcome the Broadway star Tommy Tune back home. At that time Tommy performed for his fans and more so enjoyed the local dishes that were prepared as well as interacting with the fans present.

Nonetheless, Tony Petrello was brought up in a humble background which made him endure the hardship and have the heart to humanity. And for this reason, he set Yale scholarship to those students that come from humble background families so that the students that are bright can be able to have access to the best colleges and pursue their dreams. The need and passion towards Yale scholarship came as a result of the scholarship that he received while he was schooling.

Also, Tony Petrello has helped the employees from the Nabors Industry Limited during the tomes of Hurricane Harvey. Most of the employees from his company were significantly affected and to ensure that they were able to recover from the agony they were given a paid time off. Thai made them help the victims of the hurricane. Besides, the company had Nabors relief fund that assisted lots of people and since that was not enough, there was a kitchen located on that site where meals were offered to families that were affected from that tragedy and meals were provided thrice per day.

Unfortunately, the life was not that smooth for Anthony Petrello since his daughter Carena suffers from PVL disease which she was born with and has affected her brain and can hardly speak or walk or even eat. The illness that her daughter suffers from has led Tony and his wife Cynthia to collaborate with the Texas children’s hospital and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This touched and motivated Tony towards donating to institutions that research towards finding the cure for the problem that his daughter had.

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